Phil Laak

Phil Laak


9/8/1972, Dublin, Ireland

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Phil Laak was born in Dublin, Ireland; however, he was raised in the United States. He grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Laak is a well known figure in the poker world. He is known for his uniform of grey hooded…more


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  • Ok World here is what I think of Phil Laak...He is so funny, and I actually do stay up late to watch Poker After Dark, and, Laak is my all time favorite player to watch. He has a great outgoing personality. Yes, I am a fan...moreless

    I got really excited while watching KNIGHT RIDER the new tv movie recently, and I THOUGHT I saw one of my favorite people on the planet (celebrity that is). Then I googled the movie and there it was!!! Phil Laak!!! You know, the uni bomber from Poker After Dark. In Knight Rider he was soooo serious, which is why I wasn't absolutely positive it was him. It looked like him, but, he is usually so talkative and funny and outgoing etc Anyway, it might have been a relatively brief appearance, but, Laak did a really good job. I admit I am biased. I already like him. Yes I am a fan.

    He has a great personality and what's not to like!!!

    I really hope he will do more. It is great to see someone you like and admire more frequently on tv.

    Good for you Phil!!!!moreless