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  • This dude is awesome!

    Phil Lamarr is easily one of my favorite African American voice actors. I really enjoy his work as Static in Static Shock, Osmosis Jones in Ozzy and Drix, and The Green Lantern in the Justice League. The man stands out in every work that he does. He really brings alot of personality to his characters and seperates them from the others. He has also proved that he can voice a wide range of characters. He has voiced young men such as Static, older men such as the Green Lantern, and even characters of a different race such as Samurai Jack.
  • A man of many voices!

    I first remember seeing him on the last season of the british Whose Line, and I thought he was cool. Then I researched him, and found out he did some of my favorite cartoon voices, and some of them sound almost nothing like him! Static in Static Shock, Green Lanturn in Justice League, Samurai Jack, Wilt and other various voices in Foster's Home, Hermes and various others in Futurama, The judge and various others in Family Guy, and most recently he played my favorite X-Man, Gambit, on Wolverine and the X-Men! He is also great at voice overs, as I heard when I finally saw him on Mad TV. He is also in Pulp Fiction and Spiderman 2! He is a true inspiration to me, and I would love to follow in his footsteps when I get a job acting.
  • Another awesome voice actor...

    What can i say? Phil LaMarr is another one of my favorite voice actors, and he is one of the all time greats right beside Kevin Conroy. My favorite role that he plays in would have to be green lantern from justice league unlimited. He also played Static on Static shock. Something that I have just learned about him is that he played samuri jack and hermes from futurama. That is insane. That really makes him a good voice actor if I don't even reconize his voice. He is so good at disguising it. He is this little tiny guy and he puts on this voice for green lantern, i'm telling ya when I saw him in an interview I said thats green lantern? He is one of the all time greats. Later...
  • I love Hermes from futurama and it is my favorite show, and i love Jack the ups guy and well you are awesome

    Hermes is the best on futurama (next to Dr. zoyburg and bender) i love it when he limbos, and jack the ups guy is probably the best character ever i love the episode with planed of the vancome ladies and well you are just a really cool person and when i grow up i wana be just like you i mean i just think that your an amazing actor and i love the mentiond parts so much well thats about all that i have got ta say on da matter so peace dawgs, Juanito Lopez, out ! ! ! !
  • His tough Black Man voice really gets to me.

    When he left his role on Mad TV, Ex Mad Tv Star Phil La Marr is one of mine favorite voice actor, because of excellent use of black man voice, I cant find any other good black actors as good as him. He also those a variety of voice such as young black kids, his acing of Jak Video Game series of Sig and Count Veger are great use of changing his character role to a Black Tough man to a Selfish greedy Skinny rich man. He managed his voice so well is amazed me even so today, In short hes a great voice actor.
  • He's cool!

    Phil LaMarr is my talented person because he plays my favoite char. Wilt (from Foster's). I think he is the best guy I ever heard, I wonder how he can be Wilt (from Foster's), he's the best at it. I still want to know this: is he good to sing?
  • Excellent voice actor

    He's done so many shows, and there all good! He
    should get his own show! His voice is distinctive
    and its a good one too. My favorite show that he
    did is probably Static Shock or something else.
    Anyways, he is a very good voice actor and he has
    done a good job on all of them.
  • He is a great voice actor.

    I love his work on Static Shock, The Weekenders, etc... He's like some of the other voice actors you hear pop up on any show, but unlike the others, I actually enjoy listening to him on tv shows. He can be sarcastic(Carver-The Weekenders), serious, yet funny(Static/Virgil-Static Shock), simply hilarious(MadTv), and more. He is one of my favorite voice actors to-date. I believe he needs another show to voice on, besides TLATO Juniper Lee. Some show that he could be a main character or the main character. If a show like that would come along, I'd definitely watch it.
  • One of the most talented voice actor out there. He's going nowhere but uphill.

    Phil LaMarr is one of my favorite voice actors. In fact, he is my favorite. Phil can do what not many other voice actors can. He can put a lot of emotion into his work. I'm starting to sound like a broken record now, but it's true, Phil Lamarr is one of the few who are good at this.

    The main reason why he is one of my favorites is because he can switch between serious Voice acting, to the voice acting that makes you want to laugh. His most serious voices was Jack and Green Lantern. I really like what he did with them. His performanced hinted that there was no time for games.

    On the contrary, he's done a lot of humorous performances to. Those including Wilt, Static Shock, Carver, Ozzy, and my favorites; Hector Con Carne and Bolbi. He knows how to make you laugh. If he wants, he'll have your rolling on the ground laughing.

    Is he the best, I'm not sure because I still think Tara Strong is the best out there. But Phil will always be my favorite.
  • A genius voice actor!

    This man is one of voice acting's greatest. He is also a very funny man, as seen on Madtv. This man is best known on Madtv for Jack the UBS guy and others. He voiced Samurai Jack and did a FANTASTIC job. This man is multi-talented and does a great job at whatever he does.
  • He can do voice acting pretty well and i am impressed with the roles that he gets as they suit him.

    Phil LaMarr is yet another voice actor. Some of the characters he voices are Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack), Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), Ozzy (Ozzy and Drix), Hector Con Carne (Evil Con Carne), some roles in Static Shock, Futurama and the list goes on.

    His voice delivery is very hard to tell whether the character is voiced by him. That is the part of him that I like being that his voice is hardly recognised and the fact his voice is used for Oscar (Shark Tale) in the video game. Phil is a great voice actor and i do hope he voices and acts too because I want to see him act!
  • He is my favorite voice actor.

    For years I have been influenced to do voice over acting. He and others like Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Cree Summer, Tara Strong, Candi Milo, Carlos Alazraqui, Dee Bradley Baker, Grey Deisle, Russi Taylor, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner, Pamela Hayden, Dan Castellaneta, and this goes on and on. But with Phil his voice is so differnt from other people. People like Charlie Adler and Tom Kenny make very similar cartoon voices. And that's what makes him so great. And he is all over tv not just cartoons. He was on Mad Tv. He was also in Spider-Man 2 and Pulp Fiction. And the fact that he is very talented he should be on a list of the top voice over actors in the world.
  • One of the most amazing Voice Actors ever!!!

    Phil LaMarr is one of the greatest voice actors ever along with Kevin Michael Richardson, Rino Romano, Tara Strong, Will Freidel, Lara Jill Miller and Jason Marsden. He even voice in games like the time he played Oscar in Shark Tale the game. I like the way he plays Static in Static Shock. He plays for shows like The Proud Family, The Life and times of Juniper Lee, Static Shock, Samurai Jack and Justice League Unlimited. His most famous characters are Static, Green Lantern, John Steward and Samurai Jack. The really amazing thing about this guy is that he can do younger and older voices. The latest news about him is that he made a cameo appearence in Spiderman 2. Though it was a small role, he was one of the people was saved Spiderman from falling after he stopped the train. Do i make myself clear?
  • A great voice actor!

    He was great on MADtv and he\'s great on almost every cartoon he\'s on and he\'s one of the best voice actors, I\'ve ever seen my favorite cartoon character he voices is Wilt from Fosters, His vocie acting is as good as Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, Dee Bradley Baker, Kath Soucie, Grey Delisle, and Rob Paulsen.