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  • A man of many voices!

    I first remember seeing him on the last season of the british Whose Line, and I thought he was cool. Then I researched him, and found out he did some of my favorite cartoon voices, and some of them sound almost nothing like him! Static in Static Shock, Green Lanturn in Justice League, Samurai Jack, Wilt and other various voices in Foster's Home, Hermes and various others in Futurama, The judge and various others in Family Guy, and most recently he played my favorite X-Man, Gambit, on Wolverine and the X-Men! He is also great at voice overs, as I heard when I finally saw him on Mad TV. He is also in Pulp Fiction and Spiderman 2! He is a true inspiration to me, and I would love to follow in his footsteps when I get a job acting.