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  • Fat Boy Phil!!!

    Phil Margera- Talented AND less fat, due to Celebrity Fit Club. He's Bam's father and if I was Bam's dad I would freak out but he doesn't! If I had parents like that, that would be pretty cool. I mean Dad like that, but still! Phil Margera is cool- Bam does whatever the hell he wants!
  • wow this guy doesn't care

    bam bam's father really doesn't care wat happends in the bam bam castle... amazing i know my dad would have killed me for just ONE stunt bam bam pulled around the house. i never hear him cuss or get mad but i AlWAYS see him eat :) him and april look so good together. awww... okay thats enough.
  • What's not to like...It's Phil!

    Phil is Awesome! Whether he's on Jackass, VLB, or Celebrity Fit Club, he's still great. It's hard to find such a nice, caring, full-of-life guy anymore! And on CFC, Phil is the most determined one on the show and he has lost the most weight so far! Rock On Phil!