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  • Oh yes yes is my family 120% Great show today.

    show It was so my family.

    We so need your help.
  • i have been trying to write you

    hi dr phil, I watch your show in the morning at . cause I cant sleep and I have to give my mom her medicine at 6. I had lost weight I was in a size 12 was down to 174, my son died of a overdose in January of this year and its hard on me still and gain some weight back, took this one diet pill and almost died. I have no self esteem, I have no motivation, I joined a gym and pay ever month but cant seem to get there. my grandson hates me and blames me for his dads death and I did everything I could. I don't sleep much, I don't eat. im a don't have a lot of money, I live in a trailer, not the best, but its mine. I have been trying to fixed it up. have written you before for help and no response, I figured since I was poor, you don't help us people and you may no respond to this, but I watch your show at 5 about weight and I need help bad. please help me. you can call me at 724-301-9229
  • Dr Phil's family members have no qualifications or experience in psychology

    I am a qualified and experienced lawyer therefore I talk to clients about law, I do not talk to them about my family and promote my husband's and children's achievements to them. I also do not bring my legally-unqualified family in to give legal advice to clients. I leave my family to make their own way in life with my 'behind the scenes' support, not my flagrant pimping of them at every opportunity.

    Dr Phil is a qualified and experienced psychologist but his family are not. He should not talk to the audience about his family and promote their commercial enterprises. Neither should they proffer unqualified psychological advice. To do so is embarrassing and cheapens the show to infomercial level
  • Dr. Phil McGraw shots it 2 u sugar coating from this 1!

    Dr. Phil is an amazing man, he lets the guest tell their side of the story and then he tells them how he feel they can change their current situation! And there is no sugar-coating going w/this man...that is what I love about him! And the fact that he is willing to offer help 2 every1 that comes on his show that needs! He is an awesome person! Definetley an all-time great n my book! I remember when he was on oprah show helpig people then got his own show!! That was the best thing yet!! ***** 5 Stars! U r awesome in everything u do!
  • If you have a problem, Dr. Phil sees through you like your made of glass.

    Dr. Phil helps people with a problem and he does so in a way in which the doesn't beat around the bush. Often times he will get a person the proffesional help they need. Of course, they have to be willing to cooperate. He is an author of several good books that can really help improve your life. He always teaches people to respect one another and to set boundaries such as when he says "Good fences make good neighbors." The advice he offers is applicable to anyone and if you think about it, is really very logical. I highly recommend reading his books and watching his television program on ABC.
  • Once a texan, always a texan.

    Dr. Phil is overrated to a high extent. Psychology does not always apply to real life situations in crisis. He thinks he is so smart, but he's never had some of the problems that other have had and its easy to sit back and analyze when you don't have to worry about the things that some of his guest have to worry about. Now he has done some good things and he is a bright person when it comes to trying to help people. The thing is that he really can't put himself into other people's shoe, which in my opinion, is a big part of psychology. Overall, I have to say that Dr. Phil McGraw is overrated. Thank you.