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  • Consider Helen

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 12/5/11

    Helen thinks about her dead husband when she runs into an old friend at the grocery store whose spouse used to work with him. Levi vents to Amy about how Helen meddled in his failed marriage, blaming Helen for his marriage problems. Levi gives a photo album to Amy containing pictures that cause strong emotions.

  • Infested With Friars

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 7/26/99

    A woman left deli food and an open box of cigars out overnight, causing her house to be come infected with friars. The manager of a Bradwick's restaurant teaches a new employee how do do everything, including talking with his mouth and putting silverware on tables using his hand, and tells another employee that the customer is always right - always. In order to avoid getting in trouble with his parents, a kid tells his friends to beat him up and take a crap on him, which is the M.O. of the kidnappers he developed to be able and stay out later. The friars begin to mutate and leave the house they were found in, only to end up raiding the Bradwick's, which is promptly quarantined.moreless
  • Eli's Face Therapy

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 7/12/99

    A woman on her first day at her new job is threatened by a man who says he's going to kill her. She reports it to her boss. / An elderly woman takes her friend to meet Eli, who is her therapist. He does a treatment where he slaps a woman in the face to make her feel better and make their skin look better. / A few guys are sitting around doing the Supercool and watching throwing star cartoons. One of the guys girlfriend comes home and complains that she is having problems at work. To help her, they agree to pretend to be the chef at her workplace so she can practice venting her problems to him. It gets out of hand when the guys take their characters too far. / Trotter is putting helmets on the other UCB members to see what they are dreaming. / Back at the office, the guy who threatened to kill the woman apologizes and offers to buy her a smoothie as an apology. Then right after, he once again threatens to kill her. She goes to tell her boss but he is no help once again. / Back at Eli's place, he gives therapy to a woman by slapping her face with meat. / A man at a gym meets a crazy guy who works out "for freedom". He joins him in his workout which includes running around, swimming, and Russian Roulette. Luckily they both live, but the next guy isn't as lucky. / Adair dreams of getting into Antoine's head and finding out he really is a cyborg. Antoine sees this dream on the monitor and as usual, denies it. / The guy from the office who threatened to kill the woman shows up at anger management. The therapist looks for a group of people that the guy can center his anger on. They decide on a nomadic tribe from the arctic that wears fur coats. / The woman in the office goes into her boss's office only to find out the angry man got promoted and now he's her boss. He apologizes once again, but this time in a calm manner he tells her he will still kill her. / Back at Eli's therapy, many elderly women in cages wait for their turn for the treatment. When the first woman goes up, Eli puts a fur coat on her as part of the treatment. The angry guy from the office (who now works for Eli) sees this and mistakes her for one of the Nomadic tribe members he hates and threatens to kill her. Then the crazy workout "for freedom" guy comes in, sees the women waiting in cages and starts letting them out, and leading them to escape through the window. Later, it turns out this was all a dream that Antoine was dreaming and the other UCB members are watching on the monitor.moreless
  • Real World

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 7/5/99

    A trail guide takes a family through the woods to look at wildlife and see an "Ingret", a creature that looks like a woman wearing a bikini. Trotter and Adair catch one. / A comedian makes a reference to colorblindness and enrages an audience member whose cousin Gillian is colorblind. They come onto the stage, make a huge scene, and prove the comedian wrong. / A man named Gossack convinces an aquarium janitor that he's an alien, and can give him the power to fly if the janitor will let him mate with a dolphin. Antoine captures Gossack. / Antoine and Colby encounter the "stair people" - a strange breed of people who live in the stairwells of office buildings. They eventually capture one. / A company executive has a meeting with Mr. Craw - a man who has a baby head growing out of his right hand. Colby comes in and captures Craw. / Finally with all of the players ready, the UCB are set to begin their big social experiment which turns out to be a cast for the Real World! Gillian (the colorblind girl), Lurk (the stair person), Gossack (the guy who tried to get into the dolphin tank), Irene (from the Real World MTV), Craw (the guy with the baby hand), a Robot Head, and the Ingret they caught.moreless
  • Children's Revolution

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 9/9/98

  • Power Marketing

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 9/2/98

    The Upright Citizens Brigade controls Alan Greenspan during his "State of the Economy" speech, in an attempt to change the national currency to "Oak Leaves", but Greenspan throws the speech. "Power Marketing" siminars try to push people into having "New Brains" which are "powerful, explosive, and a real competitor." "Power Marketing" also features Astronaut Mike Berchwood from the "Saigon Suicide Squad" episode. Next, we discover "Hendley Architecture", the architectural firm that exists in an entirely open woodland, or, as they claim, a building designed with "Hyper Minimalism." Cut's back to the same "Power Marketing" speech as before. Now, we're shown a golf game between an advertising executive who is looking for success tips, and his brother. His brother advises him to stick every penny he gets up his ass, and then spend it, so he has the edge in any situation, since everyone is handling pennies which have been up his ass. Moves back to "Power Marketing" and the new brain you can have for only "$800 Dollars A Day!" Golfers invade the "Hyper Minimalist" architectural firm's building, and has a bout with security. Meanwhile, pirates inspired by the "Power Marketing" siminar's new brain philosophy attempt to bury treasure in the executive lounge, and the "Power Marketing" siminar invades the conference room.moreless
  • Story of the Toad

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 8/26/98

    The flower girl has troubles during the rehearsal of couple 223's wedding. A meeting at the self-help group the ugly club turns sour. "Maybe your not an ugly human being, but a good looking ape." Antoine goes to a park to demonstrate his new UnCommon Backrub(UCB) which includes rubbing the chest and groin. The Story of the Toad who left bread crumbs in the forrest so he could find his way back. The toad runs into one of his friends Harry the Hornless Unicorn.moreless
  • Bucket of Truth

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 8/19/98

    The UCB places a bucket of truth into a suburban home being shown to an upper class family. The realtor shows off the hot chicks room which is also inside the house. Captain Lounatic, an overpassionate police officer, curses the elusive Bong Boy, a stoner who is repeatedly sighted at the scenes of human tragedy. The captain also mourns over the loss of his wife, who used to dance for him. The husband purchases the home because of the hot chicks room, while the wife tries to find Cassie, their missing daughter. While searching for Cassie, Cpt. Lounatic tries to arrest Bong Boy, but must leave to foil a bank robbery. Cassie befriends the real Unibomber while selling cookies door to door. A friend of the family looks into the bucket of truth and runs screaming into the hot chicks room, followed by the father who just bought the house. Cpt. Lounatic runs in the house looking for Cassie, and the mother looks into the bucket of truth and runs screaming through the neighborhood. Cassie and the Unibomber come home to find Lounatic, and then a shootout begins. Bong Boy arrives and accidentally spills bong water on a bomb, saving the day.moreless