Phil Silvers


Phil Silvers Trivia


  • Trivia

    • In 1973, Phil Silvers wrote his autobiography The Laugh Is on Me.

    • Phil Silvers was the composer of "Nancy with the Laughing Face," a hit song for Frank Sinatra.

    • Phil Silvers won two Tony awards (Best Actor in a Musical). His first was in 1952 for Top Banana. His second was in 1972 for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He was nominated one additional time in 1961 for Do Re Mi, but he did not win.

    • His daughter is Cathie Silvers.

  • Quotes

    • Phil: (on the success of Bilko) I had adoration before, but it was never anything like this. It was a limited-type adoration. Now they adore me all out.

    • Phil: (about the pitch for "The Phil Silvers Show") When Nat first thought of this Army thing, I didn't like it. But it had one major quality — it wasn't show business. I'm fed up with comedies about show business.

    • Phil Silvers: I'm an impatient comedian. And I feel the audience is as impatient as me.