Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer


Muscatine, Iowa, USA

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Phil Visher


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Phil's job: As Chief Executive Officer, Phil Vischer oversees the entire Big Idea team. As Chief Creative Officer, Phil writes many of the VeggieTales� stories and songs, and voices more than a dozen characters, including Bob the Tomato. Phil first started developing ideas for a new kid's show…more


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  • Phil Vischer is very cool.

    Phil Vischer is now known as the creator of VeggieTales.

    I am 13 years old and i still watch it Its awesome. I have seen every VeggieTales episode from Where's God When Im Scared to The Silly Song Countdown to Lord of the Beans.

    Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Tim Hodge, and the whole crew

    are my favorite people in show biz.VeggieTales is comin up on 15 yrs in 08 i believe and i think they could go another 15.To Bob,Larry,Junior,Larry-Boy,Alfred,Laura,Jean Claude,Phillipe,Jimmy,Jerry,Mr.Nezzar,and the whole cast,

    i wish u all success in the future and beyoND.

    - Taylor 13 florida lgnolypqeb1

    VeggieTales is really awesome man!moreless
  • I am a HUGE fan of veggie tales!

    veggie tales has always been my favortes! I also looove 3 2 1 penguins and larryboy! phil vischer is tottally the best! he makes christains ( like me ) look smart and inteligent! he's smart and inteligent!

    he's my hero! well, besides larryboy and well, bibleman! and Junior aspargus. lol!

    you know what I mean. :)