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  • The last night at the adelphi

    The Last Night At The Adelphi went to see this three times, it was that good!! The last night tears flowed and ithe whole audience were on their a thunderous applause..the story universal love aross the generations but the past met the present..and all met up again..even the imagery from the ghost of loves lost ...these lovers promises where made and sealed many years before..but both where destroyed in the war..but the intervening years had gone by and a new love had perhaps opened up a portal to the past and the years melted away.. the meeeting and pact where made..on the anniversary..sixty years ago to the day..the musical score I can't stop singing so up;lifting 'the stars are out tonight'....those same stars looked out again at the lovers...united once again... just fabulous.. this was a nightout to the theatre to be rembered it should be...a happy time spent...actors talent richly lent.. to delight the thronging rows...richly deserved rose upon rose... went to see this three times, it was that good!! The las night tears flowed and ...Love to know how to get a copy of the score, music....story.. if possible Phil of the score , music can't believe it will just sit and gather dust as it was sseriously spectacular..Biggest Fan Libby x x

    thinking perhaps it could be a signature for the ploayhouse, played biennially, or really lavish on the empire...universal across the country in any theatre..would love to have a copy of some of thescore, bookstory, loved itall phill much love libby xxmoreless