Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas


5/26/1949, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Philip M. Thomas
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  • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE PREVIOUS MINI STATEMENT.Philip is a very talented actor-has been from when he appaeard in *Miami Vice*...he dose need the right roles-soul seaching-*Philip- its-never too late,and he looks great for his age too.moreless

    My quote on a reveiw: Amazing voice/great-up-lifting love lyrics/and he looks great.A talented actor who needs so much more recognition in the music and acting industry.I wish you all the best Philip-and hope to see you in the uk/2008.I run/Director of my own music business-in the uk- on the myspace right now-and support talented musicians like Philip from around the world.I salute you Philip,all the way from the *UK*.The music business is a tough world-i know this by working with unsigned/signed musicians here in the uk and around the globe also-never give up-i say-never give up Philip.

    Michelle-Founder & Director

    of Incite-Rockit N'Mixmoreless
  • More talented co-star and underrated!

    I think that Don Johnson really stood out and that

    Really I thought that Philip Michael Thomas was even more

    Handsomer and that he should had been a much more bigger

    Star and really out of his more well-known star's shadows if he were given the chance

    Very talented actor and even siger if given the right role!