Philip Rosenthal

Philip Rosenthal


1/27/1960, Queens, NY

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Phil Rosenthal
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Philip Rosenthal was born in 1960 and is probably best known as the executive producer and co-creator of the hugely successful CBS sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond". Rosenthal graduated Hofstra University in 1981, and lived in New York City working as an actor. Soon after, he shifted his focus…more


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    • Phil: I operate under the assumption that most people are very nice, and that you should be nice and that's how the world works. And I'm always stunned when... it's not.

    • Phil: I don't think worrying is necessarily a bad thing. Maybe shows and movies and the quality of a lot of other things would be better if people worried about them a little more... is what I told myself to stop from worrying about worrying.

    • Phil: I've learned that if good fortune should smile on you, you should take a moment to acknowledge it and recognize that you're entitled to some happiness in your life, but most important, you shouldn't celebrate prematurely.

    • Phil: He did not want to do anything on the show that he, Ray Romano, did not actually do in real life. He would not drink coffee in a scene because he didn't drink coffee in real life.

    • Phil: (on meeting his agent in Long Island) He saw me and said if you come to L.A. you'll never stop working. Like a schmuck I went to L.A. and I never started working. I started writing, because I had to do something.

    • Phil: Being Jewish, I know that food is the most important thing, and we always have great food on the set. In fact, the name of my production company is Where's Lunch, because that's the writers' main preoccupation. The truth is a happy army travels on its stomach.

    • Phil: When Monica and I got married I was somewhat nervous about having to dance in front of people. I always feel that I look like a bird with a hernia.

    • Phil: (on wife Monica) I love that she's funny. That's the first thing I look for when I'm shopping for a person.

    • Phil: Part of my job as showrunner is to be the devil's advocate for everybody else.