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Philip Winchester

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Philip Winchester is a rising American actor who has made his start in theater. He grew up in a small town in Montana where his father attended acting classes at the local university and his mother worked nights at a nursing home to support his family. He left…more


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    • Philip:(On landing a role in "Flyboys") I was in Montana doing a play with my father actually, and I was sent the script. I read it. It was just very original. I haven't seen a World War I movie like this. I think The Blue Max (1966) was the last war movie that depicted the flying like this. It was like a modern Top Gun with this band of brothers, this group of guys who had their own ideas but had to do it together in a community to make any difference. The Christian value in the middle of it, the kind of gospel approach, was that there are all these guys who have their own ideas, but the only way they're going to succeed is if they do it in a community and if they come together. You're dead out there by yourself.

    • Philip:(On how his faith affects his role choices) I've turned down films where the main theme is an occult theme. But I don't have a problem with doing a horror film or a war movie or other violent films, because as an actor, my job is to depict real people. My problem comes when the film glorifies something-like the occult or practices of lust, things like that where there is no redemption. So I really have to dig through a script when I get one, because so many times they'll weave in this little sub-plot that kind of candy-coats promiscuity or things like this. I'm constantly reading scripts, and I just have to pray before I read and say, "God, you brought me out here. What do you want me to do today, and how do you want me to do it?" So it's literally just reading scripts with that in the back of your mind all the time. Hollywood is the center for media for the entire world. And if you were the Enemy, where would you plant yourself? I mean, the principalities of darkness are huge here. This is a battlefield of massive proportions. Every day, if you're not suited and booted, you're going to get burned.

    • Philip: I grew up in the theatre. I was backstage a lot until my mom would pick me up.

    • Philip:(On if it's hard to remain faithful in Hollywood) I think it's hard to maintain your Christian faith anyway. We've all been called to do different things. I think that one of the things that God has given me is a heart for Hollywood. He's blessed me in such a way that I can deal with things that other people can't deal with. In some sense, there's no way I could possibly do an office job and deal with some other things that people deal with. We've all been given certain talents and certain gifts, and callings. I mean, I can't do this by myself, man! I've got an amazing group of guys which I meet with on Saturday mornings. We're all professionally involved in the business, either we're actors or agents or working in production offices.

    • Philip: The process of getting a job is kind of the most tiring. When you get the job it's a relief. You get the work, you go on location and you film and it's exhausting. You're in a different country. I always allow myself a couple of weeks to go back to Montana and to spend time with my folks and my grandparents and my brother. It reminds me of where I'm from. It reminds me of who I am.

    • Philip: One night a friend and I were coming back from a party. We were on the underground in London and pretty messed up. A girl helped get us on the right train home. She had taken my number, but I didn't really remember meeting her. She called and asked me to meet her for a coffee one night. What I could remember, she was blond and pretty, so I said yes. The reason she wanted to meet me was to invite me to her church. At first I was really mad. I thought she was wasting my time. Finally, I said, okay, let's go. Show me what this God of yours is all about. Well, I was completely struck down. I broke down crying at the service. I couldn't deal with it and left. Periodically, through the next couple of months, I would go to the church. I'd go high, or drunk, letting everyone see how tough I thought I was. But one night the preacher, his name was John Peters, came up to me and said he'd seen what God was doing in my heart. He asked if he could pray for me, and I said, okay. So he laid hands on me and the only way I can describe it, Phil, was -- remember in Lord of the Rings when Frodo puts the ring on and he is washed in blue flames, he's just in the midst of this torrent. I felt like I was being swept away and I felt a peace in my heart. I felt this voice, which I know now was my Heavenly Father, say, 'Listen, Philip, I've never left you and I will always love you no matter what you've done. That night I was set free from my addictions. I was completely healed from a lot of things that were tearing me away from who God wanted me to be. And it's been a pretty epic journey ever since. That was about four years ago. Since then, God has shown me that it's a relationship that is not only powerful, but relevant.

    • Philip:(On choosing roles that respect his faith) I will swear in a film because it depicts reality. And I think my job as an actor is to depict reality. But, I won't blaspheme in a film. Nor will I glorify the occult. I'm not going to glorify things that are pure evil. I do feel a calling that includes being a light in a dark place. If I'm on set and if I can be a light there, then so be it. Scott Derrickson is a great example of that. He has brought the gospel even through horror movies (The Exorcism of Emily Rose). The guy loves Jesus. So I feel a responsibility to go to places where Christians aren't, but I'm not going to glorify things that are just downright evil.

    • Philip: My heart really is with people on the street. And I can talk to people who are into drugs. I know where they're at. And I empathize with them. So I think God has given me that as a ministry. He's given me an authority to say, 'Listen, man, I know where you're coming from.' I walked through it. I'm on the other side now, and I'm trying to use what was a negative experience for good.

    • Philip:(On how the doors to Hollywood opened for him) I honestly don't know. Everyone hopes for that to happen when you come to Hollywood. Everyone talks about getting that big break. As soon as you do get that opportunity, Hollywood is such a small town. A lot of people know a lot of people. They talk. I'm also blessed. I have great representation. I have a powerful agency and a terrific manager who really takes care of me. They talk about me to a lot of other people. I've been at it for about four years, now.

    • Philip: I've been blessed to be surrounded by strong Christian guys. I'm involved in a group that meets on Saturday mornings with six or seven of us. We're all professionally involved in the industry. So we put on the table exactly what's going on in our lives and how the enemy is trying to get in there. We hash it out. We pray for each other. We stand with each other because the enemy is going to try to divide and conquer. I think that's true anywhere, but especially here in Hollywood.

    • Philip: I grew up in a nominal Christian household, where my opinion of God was pretty stale. He was the bad guy upstairs who crushed you when you made a mistake, always ready to get you, no matter how good you were being. So I began to think I didn't need Him in my life. As soon as I left home to go to drama school in London, I really rebelled. And hey, it was swinging London – sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.