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    • Philip:(On how his faith affects his role choices) I've turned down films where the main theme is an occult theme. But I don't have a problem with doing a horror film or a war movie or other violent films, because as an actor, my job is to depict real people. My problem comes when the film glorifies something-like the occult or practices of lust, things like that where there is no redemption. So I really have to dig through a script when I get one, because so many times they'll weave in this little sub-plot that kind of candy-coats promiscuity or things like this. I'm constantly reading scripts, and I just have to pray before I read and say, "God, you brought me out here. What do you want me to do today, and how do you want me to do it?" So it's literally just reading scripts with that in the back of your mind all the time. Hollywood is the center for media for the entire world. And if you were the Enemy, where would you plant yourself? I mean, the principalities of darkness are huge here. This is a battlefield of massive proportions. Every day, if you're not suited and booted, you're going to get burned.