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    • (on iTunes)
      Phill: It was the first time that I was willing to do something I had never thought of before – which is to own music that just exists in theory. Being of the generation that owned a record and then you manage to let that go to want to own CDs and I'll be fucked if I just get to own the idea of a song. When I want a record, I want a physical record.

    • (on acting and stand-up comedy)
      Phill: There's a precision to acting, you have to create that same mood every day, whereas with stand-up, if I was in a good mood that day I'd be bubbly and if I was in a bad mood, the audience would get it in the neck. You can't do that when you act.

    • Phill: I used to gig with The Ordinary Boys. I'd join in and once Terry Hall (lead singer with The Specials) joined us on stage. I've been dancing on stage with the Council, playing bass with Billy Bragg, hanging out with Lily Allen. I've had such great career highs.

    • (on why he got involved with "Red Wedge", the music bands supporting Labour in the 1980s)
      Phill: The reason I got involved was 20% because I believed in the cause, 30% because I loved Billy Bragg, and 50% because I wanted to meet Paul Weller.

    • (on his experiences at boarding school)
      Phill: Many people who went to boarding schools found them an enriching place, whereas I thought it was like some sort of perverts' sex dungeon with too much rugby. I would never send my kids to one.

    • (on the role he wants onstage in "Hairspray")
      Phill: I'd kill to do Edna. I'd wear that dress and I'd look good in it, too.