Phill Lewis

Phill Lewis

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Phillip Akon Lewis


  • Phill Lewis stars as Mr. Moseby on The S...
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Phill Lewis is a veteran to acting. He has appeared on television and film. Phill also has the passion for theatre; in which he has been in numerous productions, like "Passions", "King", and "Sincerity Forever". Phill is currently living in the L.A. area with his wife and two children.



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  • Every episode that I watch with him cracks me up over and over again. He truely is a great actor.

    After watching Mr Moseby throughout the years I must say that I am really impressed with his acting. His ability to change his character in the show is truely what a great actor is made of. With every episode he bring so much laughter not only to kids and teenagers, but also to adults alike. His funny character encourages parents to laugh along with kids. My both teenage daughters, my husband and myself always look at this show, as it is one of the best family shows that we have seen and enjoyed. I hope that after the season ends that he could find another show, that brings the same humor as The Sweet Life on Deck.moreless
  • It is a wonderful actor and interprets its role of FABLE.

    It is a wonderful actor and interprets its role of FABLE.

    In "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" is the serious type character who wants to put things in order. The series has a very important role, of course, the manager ... Hotel Tipton, in a chapter we can see that Moseby is a veteran worker at the hotel, as well as being elected mogollones times as "Employee of the Month." I hope you have a great future in the series. He is one of the stars of the series, made clear that in most cases it sobreepasaran twins, as they are the protagonists. HA HA HA HAmoreless