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Phillip Chbeeb


Houston, TX

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    • Phillip: I started dancing around 15 years old, actually, pretty late. Instantly fell in love with hip hop dance and popping, mostly just 'cause it seemed like almost unreal what some of the people could do. It seemed almost unnatural, and I really kind of enjoyed the creativity that was in the art form, so, I jumped into that, and I've just been trying to progress and get better ever since then. For me there wasn't necessarily a performance that stood out as my first performance, 'cause I was just one of those kids that danced at the school dance and just tried to break it down in circles. I think my first battle as a popper, I think was one of the biggest experiences for me, because it was just a funny experience for me. I wore clothes that were way too big for me the entire time, and it was just the first confrontation with the one-on-one battle kind of mentality, trying to out-do the other person, and, I don't know, it was just a crazy experience for me.

    • Phillip Chbeeb: (about dancing) All of my ability was born and raised in my bedroom and practicing in front of window reflections to the sound of construction outside my house. I feel like I'm a part of a completely different world, and to be part of this is just insane for me.