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  • Pheobe as Faye on the Secret Circle

    So for those of you who love the secret circle and love Pheobe as Faye you will enjoy this fanfic 11113758/1/Jake-and-Cassie-make-love-The-Secret-Circle-after-Season-1
  • Phoebe Tonkin

    Phoebe Tonkin is like the best actress ever to walk this Earth! I love her work, but my all time favorite would have to be when she played Cleo in H20: Just Add Water. If you haven't seen her work then you better get on your couch and get ready for the greatest acting experience of your life. She'll make any other actor look like a total chump. Phoebe Tonkin deserves an award, a emmy, and an oscar! Bottom line, Phoebe Tonkin is WAY beyond talented, she's more like on every single cover of magazines around the world talented!!! Three words: WATCH PHOEBE TONKIN!!!
  • empty

    She is awesome she is the best thing about h20 except the tails they rock too but phoebe tonkin should have an award or an emmy
  • A great actress.

    Phoebe Tonkin is talented. I like her acting and herself on the show H2O Just Add Water which is a totally awesome show. I must say she is lucky to play a mermaid and get wet which is really cool. She is also pretty and original. I think she also sings but I am not sure about that part. In one episode of H2O she sang and it was really lovely and a touching tune to her singing. I wish I could meet an Australian girl that plays on that show. The show that she plays in is off the hook.
  • The Wet Mermaid

    When I first started watching H20: Just Add Water, I didn't really like Cleo (played by Phoebe Tonkin). However, as I became more into the series, I started to like her more and more. For one thing, Phoebe does a really good job at getting Cleo's personality just right. She makes her funny, exciting and whiny which is really good. She had lots of leads in the first series so I think they should let her take a step back so that not a lot of stress is put on here. I would like to see her in different roles and see here get better