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  • A Nightmare on State Street

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 9 - 3/19/14

    Gus' night terrors send him to a dream therapy clinic where he discovers a new form of terror.

  • Theo Strikes Back/Amy Gets Wasted

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 11/30/08

    Tim's boss accuses him of having an affair with his wife, after the IT guy tells him so; Amy gives Tim a free pass, where he can sleep with any woman he wants, after Amy has a drunken affair.moreless
  • Christmas Joy

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 11/28/08

    Shawn and Gus investigate a department store Santa who they suspect is up to no good. Meanwhile, Gus' sister flies in for Christmas.
  • Everybody Hates Kwanzaa

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 10 - 12/10/07

    Chris has to do a school assignment during the holiday break. He decides to do a good deed and helps Kill Moves find his estranged mother. Meanwhile, Julius decides that the family should celebrate Kwanzaa instead of Christmas because it's less expensive.moreless
  • Gus' Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 12/7/07

    Christmas with the Gusters is ruined when Gus' parents' neighbor is killed, a clue leads Lassiter to look at Mr. Guster more closely. Evidence leads the police into arresting Gus' mother too, and Shawn and Gus vow to get them out of jail.

  • When Friends Get Mad/ The Party Box

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 19 - 2/6/04

    When Friends Get Mad: Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board. Little Bill is very proud if his painting of a spring day, with flowers and trees in a park, but when Kiku tries to get a closer look, she accidentally knocks over the glass of water used to rinse the paintbrushes, spilling all over Bill's paper, ruining it. Angry over his hard work being destroyed, Bill retaliates by crumpling up Kiku's paper. Kiku begins to cry, and Little Bill doesn't understand why everyone sides with her, and expects him to apologize! When he gets home, Brenda and Big Bill find out what happened and try to explain to Bill that what Kiku did was an accident, but what he did as on purpose because he was angry. The next day at school, Bill apologizes to Kiku and offers to help make a new painting for her. The Party Box: Brenda, Big Bill, and Alice the Great are hosting a cocktail party for some of their friends, but Little Bill doesn't understand why he isn't invited to the "grown-up party," and has to spend the night upstairs with Bobby and April. Determined to have his own fun, Little Bill sneaks down to the kitchen and retrieves the "Party Box" of decorations and games so he can have his own party upstairs. Alice the Great catches him, but she agrees to provides some snacks for the kids to help out.moreless
  • The Skating Lesson/ Mr. Moth

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 17 - 2/4/04

    The Skating Lesson: Little Bill is very excited about learning to roller skate with April, but he doesn't know why he needs lessons; he expects to just take off and skate right away. April explains that it takes time to learn how to balance on the skates, but Little Bill gives up angrily after falling down several times. When he watches April give a lesson to his cousin Fuchsia, who has been skating for a few days and keeps on trying even if she falls down, Little Bill gets encouraged to make another attempt. Mr. Moth: Miss Murray is giving the class a lesson on insects, and has assigned each of the children a butterfly chrysalis to watch it change. As Fuchsia's, Kiku's and Andrew's butterflies all begin to hatch, but Little Bill's doesn't, Miss Murray notices that Little Bill was given a moth pod instead. She tells him that moths usually take longer to hatch, and may come out at night; she allows Bill to take his insect home so he doesn't miss the hatching. Just before he's about to fall asleep, the moth peeps out from its pod. Bill takes Mr. Moth to school the next day, and the students all release their insects into the sky.moreless
  • Get Well, Elephant/ Elephant's Best Friend

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 16 - 2/3/04

    Get Well, Elephant: Big Bill and Little Bill are about to leave to see the Captain Brainstorm Movie when Big Bill points out that Little Bill forgot to put on his shoes. As he retrieves his sneakers, Little Bill notices that his pet hamster, Elephant, hasn't eaten and seems lethargic; worried, Little Bill tells his father that they can't go to the movie until they take care of his pet. Little Bill decides to ask Percy Mulch, the pet store owner for advice, and Percy suggests that Little Bill just make Elephant warm, comfortable, and give lots of water. Little Bill follows the instructions carefully, and after a good night's rest, Elephant seems to be back to his old self. Elephant's Best Friend: Little Bill and Andrew are playing Space Explorers, and decide Elephant should play the alien in their story. Andrew says that Elephant needs a best friend to play with, just like the boys are best friends. They try to find someone with common interests like Elephant, but when they ask April to be his friend (because they both like balls), she declines and tells them she already has a best friend. Andrew suggests his dog Farfey, but the dog gets spooked by the hamster and runs away. After talking with Brenda about how someone can have more than one best friend, Little Bill announces that he is Elephant's best friend.moreless
  • I Can Sign/ The Sign For Friend

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 14 - 9/29/03

    I Can Sign: Brenda and Little Bill are grocery shopping when Little Bill notices a new cashier; he is confused because she doesn't talk, using her hands to communicate. Brenda explains the cashier, Angie, is deaf, and uses sign language to talk. She tries to introduce them, but Little Bill becomes uncharacteristically shy, and afraid to talk. When they return home and tell April what happened, she remarks that she's learning sign language at school and can teach Little Bill what to say; she shows him how to say Hello, Friends, and Elephant, and how to finger spell his name. The next time they go to the store, Little Bill signs his usual greeting to Angie, "Hello, Friend!"

    The Sign For Friend: Little Bill is playing in the park with Andrew when they notice a new girl playing with her mother; she seems engrossed with using a special magnifying glass that lets her look at insects closely. The boys would like to meet her and ask if they can play with the toy, too, but can't seem to get her attention when they talk to her. Little Bill figures out the girl might be deaf, and asks her mother about it. The girl's mother confirms his guess, and using the new signs April taught him, Little Bill signs to the girl his name and that they want to play with her. Smiling, she eagerly lets them play with her toys, happy to make some new friends.moreless
  • New Neighbors/ Doggie Magic

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 13 - 9/26/03

    New Neighbors: Bobby and Little Bill notice someone new moving into Mrs. Shapiro's old house, and decide to investigate. Alice the Great and April have made a cake to welcome the new neighbors, and they all go next door to meet Mr. Rojas, a retired gentleman who works part time as a children's entertainer with his dog, Miguelito. While they are talking with Mr. Rojas, the children discover some of their belongings have gone missing-- April's shoe, Bobby's magnifying glass, and Little Bill's hat. Deciding to investigate before accusing his new neighbor of being a thief, Little Bill discovers that there is a hole in their fence big enough for Lito to squeeze through, and he has been swiping things as a fetching exercise. Mr. Rojas promises to fix the fence and teach Lito not to take things anymore. Doggie Magic: Big Bill and Little Bill are on their way home from shopping when Big Bill notices Mr. Rojas having trouble with his car. He offers to help fix the problem, but Little Bill reminds him that it's almost time for his favorite show, Captain Brainstorm, to start, and they'll miss it if they stay to help. Mr. Rojas says Little Bill can watch TV in his house if he's worried about missing his show, but when Little Bill goes inside, he lets Lito out the back door to exercise, and the door locks behind him, trapping him in the back yard. Thinking quickly, Little Bill asks Lito to fetch Mr. Rojas; the dog goes through the doggy door and lets the men know Little Bill needs to be let back inside the house.moreless
  • The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill/ The Big Swings

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 12 - 9/25/03

    The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill: Little Bill decides to measure himself using the family growth chart along the kitchen doorway, but his hand slips while making the mark and his new line falls below the old measurement that last time he checked his height. Now convinced he's shrinking, Little Bill consults the rest of the family about ways to grow bigger. Big Bill mentions how people grow at night while they sleep, and Alice the Great says eating the right foods helps growth. Bobby and April say stretching exercises help, but when Brenda catches the children trying to stretch Bill by pulling on his legs and arms, she puts a stop to the nonsense. Showing Bill how he made a mistake, Brenda measures him again and shows him he actually grew a little since last time.

    The Big Swings: At the park, Little Bill asks Alice the Great if he can play on the big playground equipment like April and Bobby do. Bobby promises to look after his little brother while April is playing basketball with her friend Tiny, but Little Bill gets scared when Bobby pushes him too high on the swings. Angry at Bobby, Little Bill decides to watch April play her game instead. When he gets bored with that, he goes over to climb the jungle gym, but freezes when he gets to the top. Bobby, who didn't want to play on the jungle gym himself because of a fear of heights, bravely overcomes his fear to rescue his brother.moreless
  • The Musical Instrument/ The Choir

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 11 - 9/24/03

    The Musical Instrument: After watching Bobby practicing his violin, Little Bill decides he might like to learn to play a musical instrument. He asks Bobby how he decided on the violin; Bobby replies that "it just felt right" after trying out other instruments. Big Bill takes Little Bill to a local music store to try out different instruments, but announces that none of them feel right to him. When he makes up a song off the top of his head to express himself, Alice the Great points out that singing is also music, so Little Bill decides his voice is his new "instrument." The Choir: Little Bill hears April practicing a song for the church choir, and asks if he can sing with her, but she gets annoyed with his improvisational scatting rather than singing the part as written. Little Bill talks Brenda into letting him join April at her choir practice. Bill sits quietly and listens to the girls practice, but when Tiny becomes sick during rehearsal and has to be sent home, Little Bill volunteers to sing her part. April worries that he's going to start making things up like before, but Bill assures her that he listened to how the choir was singing, and performs the solo perfectly. The choir director remarks on what a nice voice he has.moreless
  • The Surprise!/ Good Ol' Lightnin'

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 10 - 9/23/03

    The Surprise: Bobby and April are planning a special surprise for Alice the Great's birthday: a photo album filled with pictures of her all through her life. Little Bill points that they don't have any up to date photos of her, and volunteers to be the "secret picture taker." He tries to take photographs of Alice around the house, and even gets the rest of the family to pose with her, but when she catches on, he accidentally lets the news about the gift slip out. Upset at ruining the surprise, Little Bill doesn't even want to attend the birthday party; trying to cheer him up, Brenda tells him she developed his photos, and Alice the Great doesn't know about these pictures. Bill decides to take the photos and make a special collage to add to the last page in the photo album.

    Good Ol' Lightnin'
    : While looking in the photo album, Little Bill spots a photo of Alice when she was his age, riding in a wagon. Alice remarks that the wagon was nicknamed "Ol' Lightnin'" and that she used to ride it all the time when she was little. Getting help from Big Bill, Little Bill manages to find the old wagon in the garage and they decide to refinish it as a gift to Alice. Little Bill invites Alice to ride the wagon with him; she explains that now she is too big and old to ride in it, but she would be just as happy to watch him ride it while she cheered, "Go, Lightnin', Go!"

  • Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star/ All Together Now

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 9/22/03

    Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star: Little Bill's next door neighbor, Mrs. Shapiro, announces that she has decided to move to Hawaii to live with her sister. Brenda explains that it means Mrs. Shapiro will be living very far away from them and may only visit once a year. Although he understands, Little Bill is worried that he'll never see his good friend ever again. Mrs. Shapiro assures him they can stay in contact by writing to one another and using the telephone; she also gives him her ukelele as a parting gift along with a little tip to help him whenever he starts to feel lonely: she sings a song from Hawaii that points out that although they will live in different parts of the country, they will still see the "same moon, same sun, same star" when they look up at the sky. When Little Bill begins to miss her, she states, just look up at the sky and think of her looking at the sky, too. This cheers up Little Bill and allows him to say a heartfelt goodbye to his neighbor. All Together Now: Little Bill refuses to take his afternoon nap, but when Brenda insists he lie down and rest because he's getting grumpy, Little Bill angrily announces he's running away from home, just like the character in the book Brenda was reading. Brenda states that if he is determined to leave, he must take Elephant along with him, because caring for his hamster is his responsibility. Little Bill agrees, but when he and Elephant come downstairs to run away, they find the rest of the family waiting outside, packed and ready to go with him; when he asks why, each of them says that they couldn't imagine living in the house without him, so if he's leaving, they have to go with him. Little Bill begins to realize how much his family loves him if they're willing to give up living in the house, so he says that they should all stay together at home instead. He also decides that a nap might be a good thing, since all the activity has tired him out.moreless
  • The Early Bill/ Going Camping

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 8 - 7/31/03

    The Early Bill: Little Bill wakes up very early one morning, and find that everyone else, except Alice the Great, is still sleeping. Alice invites him to come along with her on her morning walk. They walk to the park, and on the way, they meet Uncle Al taking a jog, Mr. Rojas walking Lito, and Miss Murray practicing Tai Chi. When they get to the park, Alice takes Bill to the pond, where he spots a goose and her goslings. When they get back home, Bill tells Bobby about all the things he missed by sleeping late.

    Going Camping: Bobby and April are going on a school camping trip for the weekend, and Little Bill is disappointed that he's too young to go. To cheer him up, Big Bill suggests they have their own campout in the backyard. They set up a tent and cook their dinner on a portable stove. Big Bill starts to tell a story, but gets spooked by the neighbor's cat. He then suggests counting fireflies, but Little Bill has nodded off.

  • The New Babysitter/ My Friend Isabel

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 7 - 7/30/03

    The New Babysitter: Brenda and Bill Bill are going to a meeting at April's school, while Alice the Great has a doctor's appointment, so Little Bill will be getting a new babysitter: Mr. Rojas' niece, Isabel. Little Bill still misses his old babysitter, Mrs. Shapiro, so when Isabel arrives and asks what he wants to play, he skulks and says,"Nothing." Deciding to take the initiative, Isabel invents "The Nothing Game," saying he has to keep perfectly still, doing nothing, and the first one to move loses. This makes him laugh, so she offers to make dinner while he plays in his room. He finally warms up to her when he learns Isabel loves his favorite TV show, Space Explorers, and makes up a funny game playing "the friendly alien from the 4th galaxy meets Captain Brainstorm."

    My Friend Isabel
    : Alice the Great has a dentist appointment after school, so Little Bill asks if Isabel can pick him up instead. She agrees, but explains that she can't stay long because she has to study for a test the next day. Little Bill gets upset that Isabel can't play with him, so she agrees to stay a little while. When Alice the Great returns, Isabel leaves, but Little Bill doesn't want to say goodbye; Alice explains that Isabel will always be his friend, but she has other responsibilities because she is older and can't always play with him. Little Bill understands and waves goodbye to Isabel as she walks home.

  • The Best Book Ever!/ A Ramp For Monty

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 6 - 7/29/03

    The Best Book Ever!: Brenda takes Little Bill to the library so he get his first library card and check out a book. He checks out a book called, "A Day in the Life of a Hamster" and tells the librarian it's the best book ever. All week long, he reads the book over and over. When it's time to return the book, Little Bill tells Brenda he doesn't want to, because he likes it too much. When the librarian asks what he liked about it, Bill realizes he has memorized the story, and can remember it, so he returns the book and checks out another. A Ramp For Monty: Monty and Bill are reading in the library, and when Big Bill comes to pick them up, Bill notices that Monty can exit the library easily in his wheelchair using a ramp. He also sees that there is not a ramp at their house, so it's hard for Monty to go up their stairs when he visits. After Monty goes home, Little Bill asks Big Bill to help him build a ramp for the back steps as a surprise for Monty the next time he visits. When Monty comes over, the Bills happily show him that he can easily enter their back yard to play.moreless
  • Echo Falls/ Going Fishing

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 5 - 7/28/03

    Echo Falls: Big Bill and Uncle Al take Little Bill and Fuchsia on a hiking trip to visit Echo Falls. Uncle Al is reading a map with guide markings on it to make sure they are following the right path, but one of the signs is covered up by a bush, and they get turned around going the wrong way. Little Bill figures out that if they walk back to where they saw the last landmark, then try to listen for the waterfalls, they will get to the right place. Going Fishing: As part of their hiking trip, Al and Big Bill take the children fishing. Little Bill gets discouraged when it seems like everybody else is catching fish; he tries to change paces on the boat, puts on his father's lucky hat, but nothing seems to help. Uncle Al suggests they break for lunch, and have a picnic. Little Bill gets inspired, and asks Big Bill if he can use his hot dog as bait for the fish. The next time the family goes out to fish, Little Bill tries his new bait and catches the biggest fish of all.moreless
  • Racing Time/ All Tied Up

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 4 - 2/21/03

    Racing Time: Little Bill is trying to get ready for school, but little things keep distracting him, like watching the bird's nest outside his window, and playing with Elephant. Alice the Great tells him if he doesn't stop dawdling he will be late to school. Little Bill gets to school too late to see Show and Tell, and misses his friend Kiku's presentation, showing her cat, Big Debbie. Little Bill apologizes to Miss Murray for his tardiness, and she reminds him to not be late to class the next day because she's bringing in her pet to who the class tomorrow. When he gets home after school, Little Bill asks Alice the Great to help him with his problem of getting ready on time. Alice suggests using an egg timer from the kitchen to time how long it takes Little Bill to do his tasks; that way, he can know how much time he has left before he knows he will be late. The next morning, Alice uses the timer to clock how long it takes Bill to get dressed, have his breakfast, and brush his teeth in time to leave for school. His test works so well he even gets to school early and is the first one to see Miss Murray's pet: her duck, Marigold. All Tied Up: Little Bill is embarrassed to learn that everyone else in his class knows how to tie their shoes while he's still learning. Fuschia mentions to her parents Bill's problem, and Al and Vanessa each suggests a song or rhyme to help Little Bill remember how to knot the laces, but he can't seem to get the hang of it. Big Bill helps him by showing him a method using a robe belt so he can practice on a larger scale, and recites a poem to help Little Bill remember. The next day on the schoolyard when Bill's shoe becomes untied, he uses his father's technique and is amazed when he's successful.moreless
  • What About Me?/ Happy Not Birthday To You

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 3 - 2/20/03

    What About Me?: Little Bill asks his father if they can go play catch in the park, but just as they are leaving, April asks Big Bill to help her repair the computer, which she needs to use to finish her homework. Big Bill fixes the printer and the two are ready to leave again when April announces the computer crashed again. Thinking that his father will be tied up with April's problems for a while, Little Bill asks Brenda if she will take him instead; she apologizes and explains she's helping Bobby fix his bicycle. Feeling ignored, Little Bill retreats to his room and decides to pass the time observing a bird's nest outside his window. Just when the rest of the family finishes their tasks and tells Bill they can all go to the park with him, Little Bill spots one of the baby birds falling out of the nest and rushes outside to rescue it. Big Bill gets a ladder to return the bird to the nest, and calls his son a hero, pointing out that if they had left when they originally planned to, Little Bill wouldn't have been home to see the bird fall and it might have died.

    Happy Not Birthday To You: April is very upset and angry with herself after she misses the winning basket in a basketball tournament and loses the game for her team. She becomes so frustrated that she throws out her trophy, her ball and announces she never even wants to hear the word basketball again. Little Bill would like to find a way to cheer April up, but Bobby advises to just leave their sister alone to sulk. Determined to help, Little Bill consults Alice the Great. Alice asks him what thing tend to make him happy, and Little Bill says he loves having birthday parties. When Alice points out that April's birthday is quite a way off, Bill suggests having a "Not Birthday Party," where they still do all the things at a birthday party, just don't celebrate anyone's birthday. Bill convinces Big Bill to make April's favorite dinner, Dad's Famous Hawaiian Pizza, while Bobby and Brenda help Little Bill and Alice decorate. At dinnertime, Little Bill coerces April to finally step out of her room, and surprise her with the party; Little Bill even gives her "not birthday presents" by fishing her ball and trophy out of the trash. April thanks her family for being so considerate and allowing her to deal with her disappointment.moreless
  • New Foods/ Elephant Tricks

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 2 - 2/19/03

    New Foods: Brenda and Little Bill are shopping at the grocery store when they run into Little Bill's classmate, Dorado, and his mother, Valencia. Valencia invites Bill to play over at their house and stay for dinner, but Brenda mentions they are planning to attend April's basketball game late that evening, so Valencia extends the invitation to the next day. Little Bill asks if they can have his favorite meal, macaroni and cheese; Valencia says she is going to make Dorado's favorite foods that night-- chicken with rice and pigeon peas, and fried plantain bananas. Little Bill is hesitant to try the new foods, and laments to his mother that he would rather eat food he is familiar with. Brenda gets him to realize how eating something different can be fun by asking him if everything were made out of macaroni and cheese, would he still want to eat it? Little Bill agrees to taste the dishes, and to his surprise discovers he enjoys it very much. Elephant Tricks: Little Bill and Andrew are watching Mr. Rojas' dog, Lito, play and ask Mr. Rojas to show them some tricks he taught the dog. Mr. Rojas gets Lito to flip in the air and eat a biscuit perched on his nose after waiting for a command. After they leave, Little Bill and Andrew are inspired to teach their own pets some tricks, but Little Bill cannot get his hamster, Elephant, to do the stunts because he is too small. Discouraged, Andrew decides that Lito and his dog Farfy are better than hamsters, and leaves. Little Bill, upset that his friend would insult his pet, talks to Alice the Great about the issue. Alice gets Bill to talk about all the reasons he chose Elephant in the first place when he went to Mr. Percy's pet store to select a pet. Little Bill think about all the good things he does with Elephant and how much he loves him, and realizes he has the best pet after all.moreless
  • The Car Keys/ Doggie Sitting

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 1 - 2/18/03

    The Car Keys: As Big Bill and Bobby return from an errand, Big Bill asks Bobby to put away his car keys for him. Pretending to pitch a baseball, Bobby throws the keys effortlessly into a bowl on the table by the door. Wanting to emulate his older brother, Little Bill takes the keys and prepares to toss them also when he's interrupted by guests at the door. Andrew and his mother have come over to invite Little Bill to play at their house, so the boys go up to Bill's bedroom to get some toys and put Elephant back in his cage. Little Bill forgets he has the keys in his hand and as he puts Elephant away the keys drop and roll under his bed. Later, as Big Bill and Bobby get ready for Bobby's violin lesson, Big Bill asks what happened to the keys. Bobby asserts that he did put them away, but will start looking for them. Little Bill, remembering what he did, is afraid to tell his brother what happened, fearing their father will be angry. Finally, Little Bill confesses to Bobby what happened; they retrace his steps and find the keys just in time so Bobby doesn't miss the lesson.

    Doggie Sitting: April and Bobby want to prove to their parents that they are responsible enough to have another pet, so they agree to dogsit for their neighbor, Mr. Rojas, and watch his dog, Lito. Unfortunately, each of the children has a different agenda planned for the pup: April wants to groom him all day, Bobby wants to train him to be a detective, while Little Bill wants Lito to do tricks. As the kids argue over who takes care of the dog first, poor Lito tries to inform them he's hungry; he finally seeks refuge in Alice the Great's room. The children realize they aren't being very responsible when they can't find Lito anywhere. Once they locate him with their great-grandmother, they resolve to take better care of him, and give him food and water. Alice the Great notes that what pets need most is love and attention, and they should look after Lito just like they do with Elephant.moreless
  • Wabbit Worries/ Wabbit Babies

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 11/25/02

    Wabbit Worries: Little Bill is very excited one morning at school when Miss Murray hands out the class assignments and asks him to look after the class' new pet rabbits, Dwayne and Wabbit. Little Bill becomes concerned when Wabbit, who usually loves to be held and eats the rabbit food as soon as it's served, is strangely quiet and isn't hungry. Miss Murray suggests calling a veterinarian in the morning to check Wabbit out. As he walks home, Little Bill decides to consult pet shop owner Mr. Percy with Wabbit's symptoms. Mr. Percy agrees to come to school the next day and examines Wabbit; he announces he has two surprises for the class-- Wabbit is really a female, and she's going to have babies soon, fathered by Dwayne. Mr. Percy volunteers to take Wabbit to his pet shop to keep her under observation until the litter is born. That night, Little Bill expresses his worries over Wabbit's condition to Brenda; she explains that Wabbit has the baby rabbits growing in her tummy, just like people have babies, and to reassure him, she takes out his baby album and shows him photos of when Brenda was pregnant with him. A few days later, Mr Percy returns Wabbit to the classroom with her eight new babies.

    Wabbit Babies: Little Bill, Kiku, Andrew, and Fuschia announce to Miss Murray that they've named the rabbits, choosing the names Rosie, Ringo, Spot, Harvey, Daisy, Brownie, Peter, and Malcolm. Little Bill says it will be fun having ten rabbits to take care of, but Miss Murray tells them the baby rabbits are old enough to leave Wabbit now, and new homes will have to be found for them. The students want to keep the rabbits all together rather than separate them so they can still visit them regularly. When asking their parents fails, Little Bill tries his neighbors. Hair Salon owners Linda and Johari gently explain that although they love rabbits, they can't keep them in the salon and take care of the customers,too. Mr. Percy says he'd gladly take all the rabbits in, but his business is to sell pets, and sooner or later someone would buy the bunnies. After listening to everyone's ideas, Little Bill comes up with the suggestion of donating the bunnies to the children's petting zoo.

  • Little Bill's Giant Space Adventure

    Full Episode


    Little Bill is in his room playing with his Captain Brainstorm toys when he notices that his spaceship has stopped making noise and blinking its lights. He brings the toy to his father, and Big Bill deduces the toy needs new batteries, but they are out of the kind it needs and they'll have to go to the store. Little Bill offers to go to the store by himself, but Big Bill says he's not old enough to go anywhere alone yet. Disappointed, Little Bill goes outside to watch April and Bobby play basketball; he asks to join in the game, only to have his siblings tell him he's too little to reach the basket. Frustrated at having everyone tell him he's too little to do anything, Little Bill retreats to his room and begins drawing a story. He imagines that his alien friend, Max, has returned to ask Little Bill if he can come with him to another planet to rescue Captain Brainstorm. Little Bill gladly obliges, and when they reach the other planet, they find that the inhabitants, the Purple Burples, are gigantic, and have to be very careful not to get stepped on while locating Captain Brainstorm. When they find the Space Explorer, he explains that he was making a distress call on behalf of the Burples, not himself. It turns out the Burples were attempting to change a power switch for their space station when the battery fell and dropped behind a small grate, and even Captain Brainstorm is too large to fit through the opening and retrieve it. Little Bill thinks he might be small enough to fit, and he reaches in to get the battery. Having saved the day, Bill returns home. Just as he's finishing his story, Big Bill comes back from the store with the battery for the toy and fixes it. Suddenly, they hear Bobby and April yelling outside and rush to see what's happened; their basketball has rolled under the porch steps and they can't fit under to find it. Seeing an opportunity to imitate his story, Little Bill easily goes under the stairs and retrieves the ball, making him realize that sometimes being little isn't a bad thing after all.moreless
  • Number One On Honeywood Street/ Baseball Glovers

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 3/19/02

    Number One On Honeywood Street: April and Bobby are having a friendly competition of racing, and when April wins, she begins to brag that she's "Number One on Honeywood Street." The children run into Little Bill's friend, Andrew, and his visiting cousins, who claim that they win every type of game they play on their block. Spurred on by competitiveness, April challenges them to a series of track and field type games to prove who's the best. Andrew and Little Bill want to play on the same team, but April and Andrew's cousins argue that they have to play as families against another. When Andrew's team appears to be winning, April gets angry and accuses Bobby and Bill of not trying hard enough, so they quit playing. The other children make April realize that she is taking the game too seriously in wanting to be the best, and that they began playing the game as a way to have fun together. Baseball Glovers: It's time for the annual Glover Family Picnic and Baseball Playoff Game, but Big Bill isn't really in the mood to attend because Uncle Al's team always wins the big game, and he's tired of his brother's bragging. Alice the Great, the best player on Bill's team, says she's hoping they can win this year for a change, but worries about her knees aching which might keep her from playing. When they get to the park, Uncle Al starts his usual teasing, which annoys Big Bill. The families divide into teams, with Uncle Al, Aunt Vanessa, Aunt Debra and Uncle Gary playing against Big Bill, Brenda, Bobby, and Alice the Great, with April acting as catcher and umpire. Fuschia and Little Bill are considered too young to play, so they play cheerleaders for the teams. At the bottom of the game, with Uncle Al's team one run ahead, Brenda hits a fly ball that gets her to second base. When Alice the Great still worries about her knees when it's her turn to bat, Little Bill comes up with a great suggestion: He will be Alice's "Super Helper" and run the bases for her if she'll hit the ball. Alice the Great hits a home run, and Brenda and Little Bill bring in the winning score. Big Bill is so thrilled he lets Little Bill carry the trophy home for him.moreless
  • Monty Joins The Class/ Dad Goes To School

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 7 - 3/13/02

    Monty Joins The Class: Little Bill's friend, Monty, moves closer to town, so he will be going to Bill's school now. Little Bill volunteers to be Monty's "Super Helper," and show him around the class, since he already knows Monty. Unfortunately, in his efforts to be helpful, Little Bill ends up doing everything for Monty rather than waiting for Monty to ask for help, or letting Monty do it himself. Resentful, Monty says he doesn't want Bill's help anymore, and that he would like to play with someone else. Later that night, Little Bill understands what he must have been doing to Monty when he has difficulty putting on his pajamas, and Alice the Great tries to offer assistance; Bill argues that he can do it, and isn't a baby. The next day at school, Bill apologizes to Monty, who teaches him how to use the magnetic fishing game more efficiently. Little Bill points out that Monty helped him-- in more ways than one.

    Dad Goes To School: Miss Murray arranges for all the children's fathers to visit the school to describe their careers. Uncle Al demonstrates how he operates his store, and gives out juice pops at snack time. Little Bill is excited about Big Bill coming to talk to the class, but worries that his father's job as a housing inspector isn't as exciting as some of his friend's parents, like Kiku's father, who is a fire fighter. Big Bill promises that he's going to make a presentation Little Bill will be proud of. At school, Big Bill tells the tale of "The Three Little Pigs and the Housing Inspector," explaining how his job is to make sure people's homes are safe to live in. With the children playing the pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, Big Bill illustrates how some building materials are better than others when making a house. All the kids enjoy interacting in the story, and Little Bill knows his father's job is just as important as everybody else's, even if it isn't as exciting.moreless
  • Michael Sleeps Over/ Michael's First Snow

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 3/6/02

    Michael Sleeps Over: Little Bill invites his friend Michael to spend the night when Michael's mother has to go out of town for the day. At first, Michael enjoys playing games and meeting the family, but by dinnertime, he becomes homesick and wants Big Bill to take him home. Little Bill tries to make Michael feel more comfortable by letting his friend sleep in his bed on Captain Brainstorm sheets, since Michael's bed at home has the same bedding. He also allows Michael to play with Elephant so Michael won't miss his own pet goldfish as much. When they finally go to sleep, Michael says he'll repay Little Bill for all his hospitality by inviting him to sleep over at his house.

    Michael's First Snow: As Brenda is putting the boys to bed, she notices that outside a heavy snowfall has started, and by morning the back yard is blanketed with snow. Michael remarks that since he grew up in Florida, where it's usually sunny all year round, that this is the first time he's seen snow. April, Bobby, and Little Bill quickly get caught up in the antics of snowball fights and making snowmen, but Michael tires of the cold after Bobby teaches him to make a snow angel. Remarking that he's all cold and wet from lying on his back to make the angel, Michael goes inside to warm up. Little Bill can't understand why his friend doesn't seem to be having as much fun as the rest of them, until April explains how some people just don't like cold weather as much as other people, and that's it's good that they're different. Michael points out that the good thing about coming inside after playing in the snow is having some of Big Bill's hot chocolate.moreless
  • A Day At The Beach/ The Get Well Song

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 5 - 2/12/02

    A Day At The Beach: The Glovers go to the beach for a day off, and while Big Bill just wants to relax, the children want him to join in with them and have some fun. They go swimming, play games, build sand castles, and go exploring for shells. As Big Bill lies down to finally try to relax, Little Bill suggests to his siblings that they bury their father in the sand. Although he pretends to protest, Big Bill actually enjoys not having to worry about moving and falls asleep while everybody else has lunch. Little Bill asks Brenda why Big Bill doesn't want to play, and she explains that his father is tired from the long drive to the beach and all the things he did for everybody else. When he realizes how much he appreciates all the things Big Bill does without being asked, Little Bill goes over to where Big Bill is lying and offers to read to him so they can relax together. The Get Well Song: Big Bill catches a cold and has to stay home from work. Little Bill volunteers to take care of him, but Bill and Brenda insist he go to school so he doesn't get sick, too. At school, Little Bill can't concentrate because he's worried about Big Bill; Fuschia, Andrew and Kiku suggest they make a Get Well card for Mr. Bill, like they did when Little Bill had Chicken Pox, to cheer him up. During music time, the children make up a Get Well Song that Miss Murray records so Little Bill will have a copy to bring home. When Little Bill comes home from school and gives Big Bill the card and the tape, his father says the thing that made him feel better was having Little Bill do all these nice things for him.moreless
  • Merry Christmas, Little Bill!

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    As the Glover family is getting ready for Christmas, Little Bill is worried that Alice the Great, who is visiting friends in Ohio, won't get back home in time for the holiday. When Alice calls from the airport to tell them her flight is snowed in, Little Bill decides to write a last minute letter to Santa Claus, hoping his sleigh can make it through the bad weather and he can give Alice the Great a lift back. On Christmas morning, just as Little Bill is waking up April and Bobby because he thinks he hears Santa downstairs, Alice the Great comes walking in, explaining that after her flight was cancelled she got a ride from "a friend."moreless
  • Monty Visits / Mom's Trip

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 5/10/01

    Monty Visits: Little Bill is excited when Alice the Great tells him his friend Monty is coming over to spend the day; he brings all his favorite toys down to the living room so Monty won't have to worry about maneuvering his wheelchair upstairs. When Monty arrives, he seems to be more interested in helping Alice the Great prepare a sweet potato pie than playing any games. He tells her he wants to become a chef when he grows up, and is always helping his parents in the kitchen. Alice the Great appreciates the assistance and his company, but Bill gets angry that his great grandmother is taking away his friend; he becomes even more upset when Alice remarks that she loves Monty-- he thinks she loves Monty more than him. Alice explains that she is only being hospitable to Monty because he is a guest, and although she did say loves him as a good friend, she will never love anyone the way she loves Bill. Monty apologizes for upsetting Little Bill, and invites him to join in to make the pie.

    Mom's Trip
    : Brenda has to travel to New York City for the day to attend a work related day long seminar. Little Bill worries that he will miss her too much, and that they won't be able to do the usual things they do together, like take his bath or make dinner. Big Bill explains that Alice the Great is preparing supper, he will give Bill his bath, and that Brenda will be home the next morning. April and Bobby try to cheer their brother up by playing his favorite board game, but Little Bill frets about what to do with the piece Brenda plays with. His siblings say he can use both pieces to feel like he's playing the game with their mother, and he perks up when he wins. Brenda calls during dinner to check up on everyone, and they all tell her how much they miss her. After his bath, Little Bill joins Big Bill on the couch because neither one can sleep while waiting for Brenda to come home. They nod off sitting on the sofa, and Brenda gently wakes them up when she comes in the next morning, saying she kept her promise to be home at the appointed time.

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