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    i am her little brother stephen 55  pathologist living in texas. this woman is a true trooper. i began my life watching her on  stage. in high school cresco lowa ~ 4000 souls  north east corner howard county.  cold  verry cold and the temperatures are low, also. i saw her also at the university of northern Iowa. Mother courage, lady macbeth leads in all . Every production. I never had to read any plays iin college i had seen them all. on to graduate school at wayne state 1968 (a  little bumpy for the litlle white chick from Iowa.) moved on to the arena stage in washington etc  etc. Got to say "all green?  in her first movie remember her as  sales lady in "arthur"? onward to numerous guest  spots in homcide and  nypd blues. all the time keeping a smalll 3 floor walk up in east grenwitch ny city. 20 years and counting voice overs throaty low voiced female on BMW ads etc. She is a perfect barometer of the stae on the nations economy( as most working actors know)  ads put the bread in the table  and roof over your head. 6 months before every recession in past 20 years she has been forced to work out of town for gods sake! but then again 3 to 6 months before the end for the recession she's got work in ads agin in nyc. more tomorrow. will talk about  detail work with medical consultant me to get the stroke  right  ttfn. stephen somerville md
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