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  • The man who swapped his bow tie for a whistle.

    Pierce Brosnan is best known for his career as James Bond. I think he makes a great Bond, as he looks exactly as Bond should. My mother thinks he's the best-looking Bond. Hee hee. But now, Brosnan has left his career as Bond, and from next year, he will do something which I don't think many people saw coming(I certainly didn't). He is going to be the new narrator of my favourite TV show, Thomas The Tank Engine, replacing Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon. After growing up with his voice these sixteen years of my life, it is sad for me to say goodbye to my personal favourite narrator, Michael Angelis. I hope that Brosnan will impress me just as Angelis did all my life.
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    Probably the 2nd worse Bond actor. I havn´t seen many movies with him, so i can´t give him verry good rating.
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    Pierce Brosnan is one of my favorite actors. He did a very good James Bond. One of my favorite Pierce Brosnan movies was After the Sunset with Salma Hayek.
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    Pierce Brosnan is one of my personal favorite actors of our generations. To me, he is James Bond. After all, he was Bond when I was alive. Other than his Bond films, Pierce has also starred in many other cool films, each of which is quite original. The man is a fantastic actor and can pull off the comedic role just as well as he can pull off the action role.
  • I met him in real life. He is a great actor and a nice guy who happens to be goodlooking.

    He started on a favorite TV show of mine 'Remington Steele' where he plays a detective with a mysterious past. Funny part is this character does not really exist and is made up by the other lead Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist). He was a good looking brown haired guy who always wore suits or tuxedos. He also quoted movies and ended up being a pretty good detective. I met him while he was filming the 3rd season episode 'Seal of Approval'. He when I first saw him was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and I got a picture of me and him together. He went on to be a great James Bond. He replaced Timothy Dalton and did movies.
  • The names Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan

    I havn't saw him in all that many TV shows, but i have seen him in some movies like James Bond Goldeneye and James Bond Die An Other Day. I have to say that he was one the best James Bond's, other then Sean Connery. About the only TV show i have saw him in was Remington Steele, which was made along time ago. If Pierce Bronson played Bond in the new James Bond movie, i bet the movie would pretty well perfect. Without him playing the part or anyone some what good playing Bond, the new Bond movie is pretty well a waste. Sorry to say.
  • Steele to Bond

    I can remember watching Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele and thinking to myself that he would make the perfect James Bond. Years later, Producers finally give Pierce the chance to play 007 and become at least in my opinion, the best James Bond yet.
    Pierce Brosnan is a talented actor who can do more then just drama and action. I remember hearing how he was going to be cast in Mrs Doubtfire and thinking at first what a bad choice this was but much to my amazement, Pierce took his role (be it a small one) and made it his own.
    I am sorry to see that producers for James Bond film series now think Pierce is too old and have cast someone else do future bond films. This is a big mistake as Pierce has a lot of good years left as James Bond.
  • Love him from Steele to Bond!

    I have loved Pierce Brosnan since Remington Steele.
    He has just gotten better with age.
    I think that it was great that for some act of will, he didn't get Bond in his thrities.
    Maybe because Bond was supposed to be in his forties.
    He was the best Bond right up there with Sean Connery.
    Will miss him as Bond but also look forward to other roles.
    Loved him as Phileas Fogg in the 1989 tv miniseries remake of Around the World in 80 Days!
  • Pierce Brosnan is one of the best actors of our time.

    Pierce Brosnan is one of the best actors of our time. He is an all time great. He makes you believe in each and every character he plays. He brings you in with him and gets you involved. He can play so many different kinds of roles. Action, love, drama, brains and brilliance. He plays them all. He has done James Bond's character justice. He makes you love Bond.
  • Pierce Brosnan

    He is the best actor that played 007. His 007 films were excellent and enjoyable. I also seen him in other films such as Mrs Doubtfire Mars Attacks and guest appearing on The Simpsons but in my opinion he is most known for playing the best fictional spy in the world James Bond. It is a shame that he isn't playing 007 again.
  • The names Bond; James Bond.

    I grew up watching Pierce Brosnan on many great movie like Ms. Doguhtfire and his Bond movies. I find Pierce Brosnan the best Bond from Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Anouther Day. Im just really pissed that he is not doing (Casino Royale) some other actor got it by luck. I say Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond actor with Sean Connery.