Pierre Bouvier

Pierre Bouvier


5/9/1979, Montreal, Quebec

Birth Name

Bouvier Pierre-Charles



Also Known As

Pierre Bouvier
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French-Canadian born Pierre is best-known for being the lead singer of punk band Simple Plan. Pierre Bouvier is the Lead Singer in a band called Simple plan ( Canadian pop-rock band ) . Born in May 9th , 1979 . Before and partly during his musical career ,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Pierre is totally hot!!!!

    Pierre Bouvier one word sums him up HOTTIE. Pierre is so gorgez. Simple plan rock and it's totally amazing how they relate to everthing you feel. Its like pierre, david, chuck, jeff and seb all know exactely wat and your feeling and what your innerself wants to say. They all realte to the fans so well. Pierre is my fav cos' he seems really sweet, cute, funny and cos' he's really talented. simple plan so rock.

    This goes out to all the liers out there. i know who much simple plan care about their fans and how much they love us, but do u really expect the real fans to believe that pierre actually called u. i mean i know they love and respect us but dont you think they have better things to do then call girls that they dont know. also i dont believe for one minute that pierre would give is mobile number out to just any one. so next time u wanna lie maybe you should think first.

    SIMPLE PLAN ROX,i love em so much

  • If you've seen this guy, you just know you're in the presence of what will one day be one of the greatest rock band frontmans ever.

    I love Pierre. Don't give me that look, you know what I mean. I've seen him perform and I've watched every single Simple Plan video there is, bought every CD, and gone on downloading frenzy. I'm a big fan of Simple Plan and I say that any show Pierre hosts is a good show. Power to Pierre. Pierre for President. I can't think of any more alliterative statements, but you get my drift. Basically, I'm glad he's got a show to host.moreless