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  • If you want to watch some obviously scripted show and some bad acting, this is the show for you. They claim Pilar was a well-known model/actress, but the woman cannot act even playing herself in a reality show. So that is actually funny.

    The show represents Pilar as some kind of heroic mom/model/actress. They use her marriage and family with Deion to put this woman in the spotlight for the first time ever in her life. They claim she was a well-known model and actress, but nobody knows her prior to this reality show. So this is the first contradiction. Another contradiction is that she plays a good supporting wife and mother. But in the show she constantly allows her husband to disrespect her with "funny" comments. What mature woman allows her significant other to do that for a couple of laughs or for a show or for money. I hope her children can understand that their father can only be funny putting down their own mother. The show is just not worth watching. Hopefully, her next project is better and she works more in her talent as an actress instead of relying on her family name or marriage.