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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Part of the main theme to Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera' from 1986 sounds very similiar to a section from the 1971 Pink Floyd song 'Echoes'. Roger Waters decided not to take legal action, but later insulted Webber in the 1992 song 'It's a Miracle'.

    • David Gilmour once played with Beatle Paul McCartney.

    • Prior to "Animals", the song 'Dogs' was originally played live under the name 'Gotta Be Crazy'. Also, the original name for 'Sheep' when it was played live was 'Raving and Drooling'.

    • The 'lost' Pink Floyd album was called "The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies".

    • During "The Wall" live performances, a second band wearing Pink Floyd masks and costumes played the opening song, and later play a second song behind real Pink Floyd.

    • The longest performance of "The Dark Side of the Moon" lasted almost sixty-five minutes, whereas the shortest lasted less than forty.

    • There is a flying, inflatable pig on the cover of 1977's "Animals". The 40-foot helium creation escaped it's tethers on the second day of the photo shoot, flew into flight lanes of Heathrow Airport, and caused havoc for several planes. Eventually, the pig landed in a farm outside of Kent.

    • In Nick Mason's composition 'The Grand Vizier's Garden Party', Nick plays all the instruments, except for the flute, which was played by wife Lindy Mason.

    • Syd Barrett's song 'See Emily Play' was inspired after he woke up in the woods one morning after a gig, to find himself sleeping next to a girl. The girl, named Emily, may have been a drug-induced hallucination.

    • Pink Floyd's original guitarist Bob Klose left the band to become a photographer.

    • Pink Floyd's previous incarnations: Sigma 6, The Meggadeaths, The Screaming Abdabs, and Tea Set.

    • 1975's "Wish You Were Here" is the tribute to Syd Barrett, from the remainder of Pink Floyd.

    • The title of the 1969 album "Ummagumma" comes from British slang, and means 'sex'.

    • At one point, the band was called Tea Set, and were performing with another band also called Tea Set. Syd Barrett's solution was to change the band's name to The Pink Floyd Sound, after two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. They later turned into simply Pink Floyd.

    • Pink Floyd Grammy: Best Rock Instrumental for 'Marooned' from 1994's "The Division Bell".

    • In July 1977, in the city of Montreal, Roger Waters shockingly spat in a fan's face.

    • Nick Mason is the only band member to appear on every Pink Floyd release, in their 28 years of recording music.

    • Roger Waters dedicated "The Final Cut" to his father, Eric Flecher Waters.

    • David Gilmour got the guitar solo right the first time for song 'Time'.

    • "Dark Side of the Moon" holds the all-time record for time spent on the Billboard chart, for 741 weeks, of roughly fourteen years.

    • David Gilmour is responsible for launching Kate Bush's career, by sending her demo-tape to his record company contacts. David also helped Kate secure a record deal, and was present while she recorded her first album, "The Kick Inside."

    • The name for 1970 album "Atom Heart Mother" was found by Nick Mason in the newspaper as a headline. The story told of a young mother of two, who had just had an atomic heart implanted.

    • Pink Floyd turned down Stanley Kubrick's offer to provide music for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    • Prior to Pink Floyd, both Syd Barrett and his replacement David Gilmour played together for years in a band called Jokers Wild.

    • Syd Barrett kept early sketches of music and lyrics in a scrapbook named 'Roger's Songs'.

    • Sir Bob Geldof played the title role in the 1982 film Pink Floyd: The Wall. Bob had no script and made up a lot of it during filming.

    • 1977's "Animals" uses imagery of dogs, pigs, and sheep, as a tribute to the main characters of George Orwell's novel Animal Farm.

    • Alan Parsons won a Grammy Award for his production work on 1973's "The Dark Side Of The Moon".

    • Syd Barrett wrote 'Bike' as a peculiar love song for his current girlfriend, Jenny Spires.

    • The name for album "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" was taken from Kenneth Grahame's novel The Wind In The Willow, as it is the title of Chapter 7. The chapter deals with meeting the forest god Pan, a part-man part-goat. Aside from the title, the Pink Floyd album does not reflect the novel.

    • During the early days of Pink Floyd, they were playing for a negative audience, and Roger Waters was hit in the head with a coin. The coin hit Roger's forehead and cut deep enough to draw amounts of blood.

    • After one gig in New Orleans, a thief stole all of Pink Floyd's equipment in a tractor/trailer. Included was Richard Wright's organ with stacks of effects boxes, a personal assembly. Instead of trying to find all the components again, Richard decided to use conventional components.

    • Pink Floyd composed the entire soundtrack for the film More.

    • Early in 1967, while Pink Floyd were recording "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" at EMI Abbey Road, The Beatles were recording "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" several doors down. The Beatles would come over on break and listen to Pink Floyd's sessions.

    • During Syd Barrett's reign in Pink Floyd, it was considered adding a banjo and a saxophone player into the band.

    • Syd Barrett's real name is Roger Keith Barett. He was nicknamed 'Syd' at 15, as a reference to a local drummer named Sid Barrett.

    • Syd Barrett, was kicked of the band because he had mental problems and was becoming a problem. David Gilmour replaced him.

  • Quotes

    • Roger Waters: We were contracted to make a soundtrack album but there really wasn't enough new material in the movie to make a new record that I thought was interesting.

    • Roger Waters: It never bothered me that David got most of the fame. I was happy being the hero behind the scenes.

    • Roger Waters: Either you write songs or you don't. And if you do write songs like I do, I think there's a natural desire to want to make records.

    • David Gilmour: Usually, in the studio, on this sort of thing... you just go out and have a play over it, and see what comes, and it's usually - mostly - the first take that's the best one, and you find yourself repeating yourself thereafter.

  • Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, The wall, what more could you want.

    This is my all-time favorite band. I'm th only one of my friends and family who listen to this band. Everyone just listens to either "Another Brick In The Wall pt.2, Money, Time, or Wish You Were Here. me, I listened to all of them and listen to a whole c.d more than once. I became interested in the band when I was about seven or eight. the first song that I heard was "Another Brick In The Wall." Then from there I wanted to here more. so as time went on, probably around grade nine, I was listening to more Floyd. Then in grade ten I bought "The Wall." The following Christmas I got W.Y.W.H and for my birthday-only six days after Christmas- I got D.S.O.T.M. What a c.d. The best songs are "Time, On The Run, Money, Us And Them, and Brain Damage." The c.d was awesome. The best one for sound, song, and just plain psychedelic rock. When summer came I got the rest of the c.d's. From getting all the c.d's I would play my Xbox and listen to Floyd. Some of the best songs are their long one. Such as;"Interstellar Overdrive, See Saw(not that long but good none the less), Atom Heart Mother, One Of These Days,Time, Shine On You Crazy Diamond pt.1, Dogs, Comfortably Numb, The Happiest Days Of Our Lives and Another Brick In The Wall, The Gunners Dream, Learning To Fly, and Cluster One." These are really good songs. Listen to them for curiosity!moreless
  • Pink Floyd is an English rock band.

    Pink Floyd is an amazing band. They have influenced progressive rock heavily. Pink Floyd's path to sucess is so sad , such as Syd Barett going crazy, along with days of sucess, that their lyrics focus heavily on the sadness or evil of our world, but because of that, many people who listen to them start to understand themselves, and that has became Pink Floyd's sucess. My favorite album is obviously Dark Side of the Moon, but my favorite song is Wish you Were Here because its mellow tones stir my soul. Pink Floyd is the sort of band that has such quality songs that you can listen to every one and not have one bad thing to say about any of them, and that's why Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands.moreless