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  • Great Singer

    Love her. I am so happy for her and Cary Hart.
  • I like her

    I think Pink is an extremely talented girl!! I love how she doesn't try to meet the "Hollywood" image. I love her song Who Knew!!! its so good and cute!! I think Pink should continue to sing in the future and continue to make awesome music for us to enjoy!
  • Awsome singer

    P!nk is one of the best, and most talented singers that there is. Her music, expecialy U & UR Hand, are some of the most creative music videos I have ever seen before. Isent it awsome?? That video gives me goosebumps every time I see it lol. I just love all the diferent costumes, and the whole theme of the song. It's amazing. I also like her song 'who knew' That's kinda a quite song at parts, but it really rocks out at some points. I like that she's not afraid to show who she is, and express that in her music. I also like the 'stupid girls' video!! That's just pure creativity!
  • Awesome!

    I just love Pink. She sings some really awesome songs, and some of them, I can relate to. One of my favourite songs by her is "Stupid Girls." Now that song is so true. There are so many idiots in this world abusing alcohol and drugs, and I do not like it at all. Like Pink sings in the song "Where, oh where have the smart people gone?" It's just ridiculous what people do in this world.

    Some of her songs are so much fun to dance to, especially "Get This Party Started." Still, my most favourite song is "Who Knew." That song made me cry, because it was so sad and sweet.

    I love how Pink does songs that people relate to.
  • Extreemly Talented!!

    I think that Pink is extreemly talented. I love all her songs on her new CD, "I'm not Dead".

    "Stupid Girls" is definatly one of my favorites, because everything said in that song is true. I think that Pink is definatly a good role Model for girls, because she doesn't do any of the things that are said and shown on the music video. She show's teenage girls that you don't need to be like other celebrities and other people in the media. Pink is an individual. She doesn't act like your typical celebrity. She is not afraid to speak out about what she believes in. Such as her song, "Dear Mr Presidant", she speaks out about what she thinks about George W. Bush. EXCELLENT SONG!!!!!!

    10/10 from me!
  • At 5'3 with blue eyes, flamingo pink hair and an extreme personality to match Pink was born on September 8th 1979 under the normal name of Alecia Moore. An R&B artist from the notorious LaFace Record label (home to ToniBraxton and TLC)

    her influences include Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Eminem and her father. Although, as an adolescent her style jumped from one extreme to another e.g. skateboarder to rave child to hip-hopper. This probably explains her self-confidence and rebellious nature, she has seen a lot and done a lot and this is reflected in her music.
    "I decided at 15 that I didn't want to be one of those artists that gets up and sings love songs they don't mean," Pink explains in regards to her debut album. "I decided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I've had, things I've been through, and even the stuff I'm embarrassed about."
    Music was a major part of her childhood, her father left an indelible print on her through his guitar lessons, educating her in the likes of Dylan and McLean. Other inspirations included Janis Joplin, Shirley Murdock and Donna Hathaway, so much so that by 14 Pink had laid down her first song. However, it was in the clubs (in particular Club Fever in Philidelphia) that she began to shine. It was at her regular Friday night five minute slot that a rep from MCA spotted and asked Pink to audition for Basic Instinct, although the group didn't come to much Pink wasn't disappointed as she confessed that she didn't 'see myself as belonging to any group.'
  • empty

    Pink is one of the best female pop singers in the modern day world. For years, she has been coming out with fabulous hit after fabulous hit. It's great because some of her songs are lively and erergetic for parties but others, alot of her newer songs are sadder about her life and friends.
  • I love Pink she is like my all time fave singer!!!She does the cool hair styles,i think she should do a pink mo-hawk.Anyway my fave song is "Who Knew"I saw the music video!It was perrty sad my friend started to tear up.hahaha!

    I love Pink she is awsome!I have this Poster in my closet and every time i change i always think about dressing like her but thats kind of weird,any way back to Pink...well what can i say she rocks!!!I wish i could sing like her but my voice sucks.hahahahahah!does any one eles like Pink?My fave song is"How Knew" man every time i hear this song i just start dancing!hahaha!I'm going to listen to her songs forever and ever.I like other songs but that is the only song i know the lyrics to.I want her to sing at my bday party.But its to much money.PINK ROCKS!!!!
  • I really like Pink! She is so talented. I love I'm Not Dead! Long Way to Happy is the best song ever!

    To me Pink is really cool. I like the new CD I'm Not Dead. Its really good and she is so talented. She is really cool and doesn't care what other people think. She seems fun and free and isn't afraid to be herself. She is definitely a better role model than other singers and actresses now. I think she is a definitely more talented and she knows exatcly what she's doing when she sings. Her songs are about real and true things and not stupid random stuff. I think Pink is one of the coolest. I am definitely a fan and she is so not a Stupid Girl.
  • I saw Pink in Family Portrait video on Yahoo videos. I was just astonished and quickly looked her up on the internet to find more music and fell in love with her albums. Recently own \"I\'m Not Dead\" and will soon own her other work. (muhahaha)

    Pink is fantastic. I never knew of anyone so talented. I feel in love with her recent album \\\"I\\\'m Not Dead\\\". What i enjoy most of her is that she speaks her mind and she\\\'s definitly not scared to do so. Her music always seems to have a message to it and that is what truly makes her great. She\\\'s brillant! Rock On P!nk!!!
  • So funny!

    I thinkt that P!nk is so funny! She likes to make fun of other people and even herself, come to think of it. She's one of my #1 favorite artists of all time! I love her! 'Stupid Girls' is the best song in the world, because it is so true!
    Love P!nk and always will!
  • Get the party started...

    A famous singer Pink has finally came back with new album! Songs from her new album ('I'm Not Dead') we're a huge sucess! ('Stupid Girls', 'Who Knew' and 'U and Ur Hand'). She also acted in a second sequel in 'Charlie's Angels' although her role wasn't that big! I hope Iwill see her in a movie one day!!!
  • Again I would like to say she is a rebel, but in a good way.

    Again I would like to say she is a rebel, but in a good way. Pink was such a good singer back in her Missundaztood days, and now she is even better. I love the song Stupid Girls. It makes fun of Paris Hilton, the Olsens, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and I think it makes fun of Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff. I like some of these people, but I LOVE Pink more. Pink is also very smart. She doesn't care about being a stick and she is smart. I like Pink. I think she is very unique.
  • She is kinda a stupid girl, but a smart one.

    Pink was one of my favorite female singers, but know I htink she's a bit crazy. SHe goes around thinking that shes the hottest, toughest, and best girl in the world. She thinks that she's giving girls everywhere a good name. I wouldn't say that Pink is a good role model, but a bit of a hypercrite. Her song 'Stupid Girls" mocks her too. She thinsk she's a femnist, but sings songs about sleeping with random guys. I think Pink is way in over her head.