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Pippa Black

Pippa Black


Melbourne, Victoria

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Born in Melbourne, Pippa got involved in acting after finishing high school. She began studies at university in Animal Technology, before deciding to also study acting. Eventually, she gave up Animal Technology and went in search for some acting roles. After almost three years of auditioning, Pippa landed…more


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    • Pippa: (on romantic storylines on "Neighbours") In this show, everyone just gets thrown together. You meet someone and you fall in love with them on the first day and kiss them. That's entertainment.

    • Pippa: (asked if she enjoys playing a naughty or nice girl) It makes for gritty storylines, playing a character that's got a bad-girl streak. Elle is always surprising and shocking me! Although I love it when we get to see her compassionate side - she's not all bad!

    • Pippa: (asked if she's like her "Neighbours" character, Elle) I'd like to think I'm completely different… although on the odd occasion, I'm told, "Oh my God, that was so Elle!"

    • Pippa: (who were her first friends on the "Neighbours" set) All the cast and crew were welcoming. Stephanie McIntosh (Sky) was very helpful as I had a lot of my early scenes with her, and with Stefan (Dennis) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy). Nat made every day fun, as she is such a party to be with!

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