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    • Pitbull: These New York ****** is scrambling right now because the south is hot. We always showed love to them when their music was on top, but they don't want us to be in this position that we're in right now. So that's why we have to make sure that we stay tight and that's what makes us not only powerful, but that's what makes us dangerous, too.

    • Pitbull: (being asked to perform free in Cuba)I'd be very interested in that, because it comes from the heart. But politically it wouldn't be a good move for Pitbull because I'd be supporting Castro. I cannot go out there and speak my mind, I'd be put in prison.

    • Pitbull: Man what its like being on that stage is the blessing at the end of the day. Coming where we're coming from you can't even believe that you're involved in a tour of this magnitude.

    • Pitbull: I also got to say thank you to y'all because y'all always show me love and til' the day I die, you know whatever y'all need from me is love because you've always shown me love, so… you know? And that's the only way that we're going to make it to the top and STAY up there, you feel me?

    • Pitbull: Last words? Without Miami, there is no Pitbull, and without the fans, there is no Pitbull… I appreciate the love always.

    • Pitbull: Yeah, I may be Latin… but this is not Latin Rap. I rap, I just happen to be Cuban, you know? To me it's more like a revolution.

    • Pitbull: And with Pitbull… it's bigger than Pitbull, you feel me… because now we've opened the doors for cats to come through and get it. That's really what it's about, the more cats that we can help on the way up… first you've got to get established… with this new album, I'll be established con la ayuda de Dios. Once that happens, then it's time to be like, "wasup?", "alright let's go", "let's ride", and it's over.

    • Pitbull: Yeah reggaeton is great. I respect the whole movement. I've been a part of the whole movement. I think it's going to go elsewhere so I'm coming with the Afro-Cuban flavor with "Ya Se Acabo"… giving people a taste of our background.

    • Pitbull: Oh yeah… this is a different Pitbull, because you know, it's cool… these cats are out here… and y'all could stay street, y'all could be gangsta's, thugged-out, but not me dogg… I'm trying to do like Wyclef. I'm trying to get that!

    • Pitbull: Crunk ain't nothin' but bass music slowed down.

    • Pitbull: Anybody that supports Pitbull, I really appreciate it.. If not for the fans I wouldn't be ****. Anybody else trying to get in this game: patience, passion plus perseverance equals success, hurry up and wait.

    • Pitbull: (when asked if he would perform in Cuba) I'd be very interested in that, because it comes from the heart. But politically it wouldn't be a good move for Pitbull because I'd be supporting Castro. I cannot go out there and speak my mind, I'd be put in prison...

    • Pitbull: I'm not a Latin rapper, I'm a rapper that happens to be Latin, you feel me. With that said, I just want them to know where I'm from. Just like Jamaicans do, just like Puerto Ricans with Reggaeton. Just like black people with slavery, Jewish with the Holocaust, Cubans and Nicaraguans who had revolutions in their country, so I just want them to know my culture, my struggle, so they can learn from us as much as we learn from them.

    • Pitbull: I been doing the mixtape thing down here for a while, so they been hearing me on that. So a record like "Culo" may touch nationally, with "Toma" I'm touching everyone with my hardcore following. I'm always sort of outdoing myself on these beats, and people are picking up on it, they're biting. The beautiful thing, like you said, is we are able to take this on the next level, meaning nationally.

    • Pitbull: (on who he would like to collaborate on his albums with) Right now, I don't really project things like that, I sorta just work with people who wanna rock with me. Jay Z... I wish I coulda worked with Celia Cruz but she passed, other than that I'm straight.

    • Pitbull: (when asked How has the touring experience been for you so far?) Its been a beautiful thing, but nothing I'm not used to. I went on tour with Luke, did 35 cities, I did that before. Its just connecting with people from city to city.