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  • Marionettes, Inc.

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    S 1 : Ep 1 - 5/21/85

    John Raleigh Braling is a computer salesman who receives a cryptic message on his computer screen. Later he receives the same message in a newspaper and on a lunch bill. He tracks down source of the messages and meets a man who offers to sell him a robot replica of himself.moreless
  • ...Long Live The King

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    S 1 : Ep 5 -

    Gardner/Ross' Trading floor is lacking without Marty, meanwhile, Marty is lacking without the Trading Floor.
    Adam & Sally interview the other traders to Marty's temporary replacement. They seem unimpressed by most of them, and are shocked when they finally meet Grant Jansky.
    Benny ends up with the job, but his inexperience with computers quickly becomes his Achilles heel, causing big timing problems. The problems are so apparent Adam even warns him to clean up his act, or he might be out of a job.
    On the hostile takeover side Sally & Adam are preparing a hostile takeover of D'Arby Forest, putting their resource specialist Donald D'Arby into a very difficult position.
    Anne finally starts to show some interest in Jack, as the two share lunch in her office. Jack's Father gets sicker. Jack refuses to go Benny's luck begins to improve after Marty, sick to death of his suspension, phones Benny with some information (violating SEC rules) He phones him the next day, and gives him more information in code, helping to put Benny back above water.

    Donald agrees to help Jack with the D'Arby takeover after his father makes a crack about Donald being weak. Jack takes him for drinks to try an cheer him up.

    Gardner/Ross' legal department tape records a phone conversation between Benny and Marty in code. Adam dismisses it as nothing, but Sally goes over his head and replaces Benny with Chris.
    Susannah's stalker is getting more vocal, sending more letters and phone calls to her, demanding she recommend his stock. Ziggy informs Sally of the stalker and she hires a body guard to look after her. This puts strain on Susannah's already shaky marriage. When a loud banging noise is heard while she's outside walking with him she falls to the ground, and her body guard comes running. The secret is out.
    The D'Arby takeover fails, and Donald's father throws him out of the house.

    The episode closes on a chilling note with Susannah's daughter running into her office saying "A Nice Man" drove her. Then, she begins quoting "There's always more than one target, there's always more than one target".moreless