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    • Placido: I loved working with Spiro because he has the totality of colors in his performing palette. He is a singer of wonderful imagination and a real professional.

    • Placido: I want to do more commissions and the very important second and third productions of new works - giving them the life that will bring them into the standard repertoire.

    • Placido: Francesca's productions are always beautifully balanced between the intimacy of the characters and the sweep of the epic, and I think that she will use the symbols of America brilliantly.

    • Placido: Maestro Behr was a dynamic conductor who worked so well with soloists, the chorus and the musicians of the orchestra, all of whom respected him greatly. He will be deeply missed.

    • Placido: I really don't know how to do it -- a tour or a concert or if I just say, that's it, that's the last night.

    • Placido: The high note is not the only thing.

    • Placido: Becoming artistic director at L.A. Opera feels less like a major change in my life there than a kind of upgrading.

    • Placido: When it becomes clear that no one else shares your level of passion, you are where you belong.

    • Placido: When facing symphonic orchestras which have played some works five thousands times, you have nothing to do.

    • Placido: Young singers are much better educated musically, much better informed, through discs and videos, than I was.