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    • Tom Higgenson: (describing the type of music they play) It is amazing. The best rock and roll music since The Beatles, but seriously. It is rock and roll with good harmonies and good melodies that will stand the test of time.

    • De'Mar Hamilton: (about starting off where nobody knows who you are) It's probably one of the best feelings when you're working so hard at it and for so long. When you're playing to people who don't really know you or know your songs, all the people are singing along now and it's kind of surreal.

    • De'Mar Hamilton: The college crowd isn't always the coolest. They just downloaded "Hey There Delilah" so they don't really know who we are as a band. Usually they just get in free and don't care or "know you." Mostly they were bored so they came to the show; they really aren't our core audience.

    • De'Mar Hamilton: (about what CD he cannot stop listening too) I really like the new Bright Eyes and the new Academy Is... CDs. I'm really into the indie rock side, but I basically like everything though.

    • Tom Higgenson: (about how the band met) We all met in high school. Me, Ken and Dave played together in various bands through high school, and after we graduated, we decided to get serious and formed Plain White T's. After about a year, we started practicing with Steve, and it's been the four of us ever since.

    • Tom Higgenson: One girl sent in a $20 bill and said it was her allowance for the month of December. You know, some people might say 20 bucks isn't going to do much. But the fact that people took the time to even think about it, let alone send money, really means a lot.

    • Tom Higgenson: Anyone can look great in a plain white T, and that's how we feel about our music. Anybody can hear it and enjoy it.

    • Tom Higgenson: We are really passionate about what we do. Hopefully people will be able to get something out of it, whether it makes them feel a little bit better about life or just puts a smile on their face. Or maybe it just gives them a little tune to hum along to and have in their hearts.

    • Tom Higgenson: (Speaking of the aftermath of the band as a whole after he survived a near-fatal car accident in an interview with Corey Moss, of MTV News) It was one of those life-changing things. And that was when I started writing songs that meant a little more to me. Instead of writing songs just to write songs, I was writing songs that were a little more personal and actually meant something to me. And I think that was a turning point for the band, as far as the way the songs went. And when I got more personal with the songs, they probably meant more to the people too.