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Poison, made up of Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall and Rikki Rockett, is a glam rock band from America, whose hits include Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Unskinny Bop.


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  • Trivia

    • The album The Best Of Poison, marked 13 years since the band has made it into the American top 20 charts.

    • They have covered many songs including Kiss' "Rock And Roll All Nite", Loggins and Messina "Your Mama Don't Dance" and many more.

    • In the past, the band have been signed with Capitol Records and Enigma Records.

    • Richie Kotzen was only part of the band for the Native Tongue album. He was DeVille's replacement after conflict between DeVille and Bret Michaels.

    • Whilst Rikki Rockett and Bobby Dall always play drums and bass guitar respectively, C.C. DeVille and Bret Michaels alternate between vocals and guitar.

    • As of early 2007, Poison are signed with Cyanide Records.

    • During an awards show in 1991, C.C. DeVille and Bret Michaels had a fist fight behind the scenes. This led to DeVille being fired, even though he later returned to the band. And after a 2006 show at Atlanta, Bobby Dall and Michaels had to be separated after a conflict led to another fight.

    • The two founding members of Poison were Rikki Rockett and Bret Michaels. They are also the longest serving members as they are still with the band.

    • Poison's only single to have reached number 1 in America is Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

    • Poison's song, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, has been featured in at least six television shows and three movies.

    • They have released many albums including Look What The Cat Dragged In (their debut album), Flesh & Blood, Native Tongue, Hollyweird and many more.

    • Bobby Dell and Bret Michaels, two Poison members, were sued by a Geffen publicist after an alleged assault where the two poured ice over her head.

    • In Poison's early days, their manager negotiated with a club called The Troubadour , in which the club could pay for their shows by covering the band's rent. Their shows were successful and some nights, the band even made a profit.

    • The band name, Poison, was inspired by a shirt worn by Mick Shrimpton in This Is Spinal Tap.

    • Before they were known as Poison, they went under the name Paris.

    • In total, there has been seven members of Poison, as of 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Bret Michaels: Here is the best things that [Poison] had going for us: We had nothing to lose! In other words, none of us worked any kind of a job. I was 17 years old when I left. I had quit high school and was working at a music store. We wanted to write original material. We packed up our van and literally that was it.

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  • The Best!

    I have learned to play guitar from guitarist C.C. Deville, I mean not personally, but I mean he is my idol and i'm not joking. There is no smile on my face when I say that, he really is my idol, cause Poison is my favorite band. I have learned to play both rhythm and lead guitar because of C.C. So this just shows you how good he is and the rest of the band are also the best. These guys think of some of the best songs that ever been played on the radio, Nothin' but a good time happens to be one of them!moreless
  • Poison one of the best 80s rock bands still making muzik

    Poison is one of my fav 80s rock bands still making muzik today! poison has always been my fav some of my fave songs are notin but a good time, fallen angel, look what the cat dragged in, cry tough, your momma dont dance, let it play, power to the people, cant bring me down among many others. Poison is one of the many 80s groups that will live forever! Rock onmoreless