Polly Draper





Gary, Indiana

Birth Name

Polly Carey Draper




Polly Draper is best known for her Emmy-nominated role as Ellyn Warren in the ABC television drama "thirtysomething" (1987-91). She produced and starred in "The Tic Code" (1998) and made cameo appearances on "Monk", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", and "The Big C".

"The Tic Code" also marked her debut as a screenwriter and starred the late Gregory Hines, which was loosely based on Polly's second husband Michael Wolff, a jazz musician with Tourette's syndrome.

Polly got her first break playing Gwenevere in her seventh grade production of "camelot", and graduated from Yale University with a B.A.A. and M.F.A. degrees.

She is trained for the stage and has done several productions there as well. Polly has also made occasional appearances in TV-movies like "Danielle Steel's 'Heartbeat' " (NBC, 1993) and "LaVyrle Spencer's 'Home Song' " (CBS, 1996) and big screen outings like "Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain" (1995).

In 2003, Polly Draper wrote the playwright and starred in the off-Broadway show, "Getting Into Heaven". For the first time, Draper, portraying a lesbian and single mother addicted to drugs, sang the songs and wrote the music. The other songs were written and performed by Wolff, whom was credited for the score.

Polly Draper wrote her directorial debut for "The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie", which starred her sons, the actor/musicians Nat and Alex Wolff. It was a mockumentary that parodied the actual musical prodigious siblings, and as in the film, cameras accompanied the band and their privacy. The boys' wrote and performed all their songs, and Michael Wolff produced the music and played their father, a geeky accordion player.

The film received the audience award for a family feature film at the Hamptons International Film Festival. A television executive, Albie Hecht, watched the screening at the film festival, to which he and his agents persuaded Draper to create a Nickelodeon television show, titled "The Naked Brothers Band", which aired from 2007 to 2009. The debut of the series, which was executive produced, written and directed by Draper, and executive produced by Hecht through his production company Worldwide Biggies, gave Nickelodeon its top ratings in seven years.

She lives in New York City and is married to jazz pianist Michael Wolff and brother is venture capitalist Tim Draper. Polly and Michael have two sons, singer-songwriter/musicians Nat and Alex Wolff.