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    • [On the nude scenes in Rome]
      Polly Walker: When I read the script, my eyes got wider and wider. Although I never considered not taking the part because I didn't find it offensive. The guys that I was doing th scenes with were so brave and such a laugh. At one point, I was sat on to of Lee Boardman who played Timon, going, "Please, for God's sakes, make sure you cover my [expletive]!" He went, "Don't worry about your [expletive], cover my [expletive]!

    • [On when she got the part on Rome]
      Polly Walker: When I found out that I got the part, I laid in a fetal position for a week. I definitely felt nervous. The biggest challenge for me during the first season was to make her sympathetic, but I purposely did not worry about that too much because I felt that she is having a hard time and is up against huge obstacles.

    • [On her character from Rome]
      Polly Walker: This is that part that men get offered all the time. Women, most of the time, are confined to playing girlfriends and wives. This part was so out there. I wanted to go for it.

    • [On her character from Rome]
      Polly Walker: I do find the Roman period fascinating, but I am not buying books on the period for research purposes. Basically I go with the script because I am trying to play her as a woman who has contemporary feelings, as if what is happening to her is happening now.

    • [On her character from Rome]
      Polly Walker: She's a very sort of untypical kind of female, that you would imagine Roman women to be like, who were normally sort of kind of restrained as that was a sign of huge femininity to be like statues really. But, she's very forceful and she know what she wants.

    • [On on the sets of Rome]
      Polly Walker: I couldn't really imagine what the sets would be like. But, when you're taken onto lot, where they've built everything it's so amazing it looks so huge, and it's much more colorful than I imagined because we just see what's left in the ruins and they're just grey and pale. But they're really quite vivid colors, strong colors, beautiful colors. It's quite breathtaking.

    • Polly Walker: The still camera is so invasive. You're not talking, the way you do on film. You're not being yourself. And all those people you don't know are looking at you hard. So you create the fourth wall. It's a Stanislavsky thing: You build your own room inside your head and that you can behave in any way you like without feeling self conscious.

    • Polly Walker: I try to look like some sort of smart Donna Karan woman. That's what I'm striving for. But I don't quite pull it off. The Italians are very disappointed in me. I don't look like their idea of a film star. I should have been a blond, wearing leather, a fur coat, and, of course, big, dark glasses.