Pooch Hall

Pooch Hall


2/8/1976, Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Marion H. Hall Jr.



Also Known As

'Pooch' Marion Hall / Marion Jr., Marion Hall
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Pooch Hall was born on February 8th 1976 . He was born in Brockton, Massachussetts 0. He started acting at the age of 7. His first debut was on Kids say the Darnest things. Pooch Hall appeared on deaf poetry in 1999. Hall was in several movies.His latest…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Pooch Hall, WoW!!!!!

    I just wanted to say Pooch is my most favorite male actor. I know he's an actor, but I see all the feelings and emotions in his character, and it is such a turn on...............keep up the fantastic work Pooch. Please bring my show back!!!! Daytime TV has nothing on The Game!!!! And whats more of a turn on is that my name is Melanie so when Pooch speaks my name I'm in AWWWED!!! The music, the scenes have class, it makes me feel like thats where I want to be. This show also shows me things about myself, to make me a better person, isn't that something!! Bring my show back please!!!!!moreless
  • Pooch Hall in The Game

    Not only is Pooch Hall very easy on the eyes, his acting skills makes the role that he plays on the Game very believable. When him and Melanie (Tia Mowry)are interacting it reminds me of a relationship that meant so much to me and when the roles are that believable and people can see themselves in those very situations- it draws viewers. This is why I record all the episodes of The Game and look at them over and over again, especially with all the other usless, unentertaining trash that is being broadcasts every day. Pooch Hall can very well be the next Denzel. Keep up the god work Pooch....moreless