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  • Not a familiar face to television? Well he fits the hollywood description- young, talented, and sexy. I think Pooch Hall can be the next big thing.

    I first saw him in Miracles Boys, He played older brother Tyree and did a good job. He was awesome. The movie itself was not the best thing, but he sure was. If it wasn't for him I would have probably just changed the channel on the tv movie.

    His role of Tyree played off as the man of the house, the one in charge(to me the star of the show). Each line he read in this movie felt so real. His voice just literally takes hold of you. When he acts, its a scene that you just wanna see. Sure, he is unfamiliar to the tv scene, but I am more than sure the ladies will love him!! Just as I do. I think he has so much potential its undescribale. He can be the next big thing!! Keep an eye out for him ladies and fellas.