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  • Poppy Montgomery is deffinatley one of the most talented actresses on televison. She stars on CBS' Without A Trace, you may also know her from Devil In A blue Dress, Dead Man On Campus or CBS' mini-series Blonde.

    I think that Poppy is a great actress and makes Without A Trace all the more better. She is convincing in her role as an FBI agent, but she is also believable as a caring person when she lets her guard down.
    As Without A Trace continues on TV Poppy will deffinately become a more talked about actress. If there were more Poppy Montgomerys on TV, there would deffinately be much better TV to watch. Though she is often overlooked as part of the great cast of Without A Trace I think that people do realize the talent this actress holds when she has her chance to shine.
  • Talented and beautiful!

    I can't believe she is from the land down under
    Though she is also old-fashioned and also loves being old-school as she doesn't speak at all with an Australian accent
    Great actress from Marilyn Monroe to Samantha Spade from Without a Trace
    Sometimes I get her confused with CSI Miami's Emily Procter
    Guess both have blonde hair but also both are second billed in their respected tv shows.
    Poppy has ten siblings and most of her sisters are named after flowers.
  • Poppy Montgomery is an absolutely beautiful woman with an amazing talent!

    She is in the CBS hit crime drama Without a Trace, where she plays the complicated character Samantha Spade. Her range is showed in the independent film “Between” Why has she not won an Oscar/Emmy?? She is a ten not only in her stunning beauty but in her personality as well. She is a very funny, light-hearted, carefree person. A role model and inspiration to all, including me!

  • Poppy was born in Sydney, Australia, where her family lives. Her full name is(Hold on!!): Poppy Petal Ema Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue Montgomery!

    I think I've found a new favorite actress. I really like Poppy. She is very relaxed(comes from her Austrailian background)and her sense of humor fits mine.
    But that is so not all! I must admit that I haven't seen Poppy in more than one movie("Murder in the Hamptons" - 2005) besides that I only know her from Without A Trace.

    In "Murder in the Hamptons" she played the character of a mental woman, who is accused of murdering her ex-husband. He was really rich and passed everything on to her and their two adopted children. This movie is most certaintly worth a watch, she does an amazing job playing mental!
    I was stunned by her acting, it's impeccable nothing less!
    Besides it's based on a true story which gives the movie and her character and interesting spark. It's a bit creepy knowing that it is a true story, but Poppy does a really great job, I have got to get that one on DVD!

    I think the best way to describe her would be:
    Talented, beautiful and charming.
    Those were the very first words that came to mind when I saw her for the first time.
    I really admire her way of playing. She really enters the spirit of Samantha Spade. Keep it going Poppy, you are great!! :D
  • Poppy Montgomery is beautiful & a talented actress.

    Poppy Montgomery portrays Agent Samantha Spade. She is very beautiful, talented and overall an outstanding lead actress for the show. I think her character is a good strong role model for all women out there, never giving up without a fight and standing up for what she believes in. She is just an amazing actress!
  • Such a great actress. always has the cutest jeans &&& gorgeous hair.

    Poppy Montgomery is a superrr fly chick. All of her work is amazing. I love Without A Trace. Murder in the Hamptons was a pretty good movie as well (I'm a lifetime movie junkie pha). Blonde is my new favorite movie. She was the perfect choice for the Mariyln Monroe part. I just watched Don't Bother to Knock(Marilyn Monroe movie) and Poppy resembled Marilyn so much. Not necessarily with looks(they kinda have the same eyebrows though) but the way she acted her out. She seems real down to earth in interviews that I have read. Let me tell you she has some of the greatest hobbies in the world. Sleeping and snowboarding (she obviously has more but those are totally the best chyeah). Phaaa those are what I do best fo sho. But other than her unique similarities with me (ha jk... sorta) she seems alright. And she always has the cutest jeans ever. I need to find out what brand she wears. Definetly one of my top 3 favorite actresses duh-uh :].
  • Poppy Montgomery plays Samantha Spade on Without A Trace.

    Great actor. Very talented. Apparently she has been very goal oriented. I have only seen her in a few other things than Without A Trace, but from what I have seen, she is very versatile.

    She was born and raised in Australia, but she has certainly lost her accent. I don't think I could picture her with any other accent.

    Her character on WAT is quite complex. Though usually serious and melancholy, she is deep and thoughtful. I see Poppy having staying power long after Without A Trace is over. She has poise, and grace but is strong and probabaly can be quite funny. Congratulations on your success, Poppy. And on your new son.
  • Fabulous actress with the Australian in her shining through.

    Poppy Montgomery is not only a gorgeous person but a mildly fantastic actress. Everything about her character and the way Montgomery portrays Spade is so real and believable that picking out the words and sentences that give away her Australian heritage away is a mere hobby and does not damage her performance. Occasionally a couple words will slip and her accent breaks through and when she poses a question she ends the phrase in a very Australian way with a slight raising of tone. However, the way her facial expression are so genuine throughout the entire segment is unbelievable and astounding because in most shows or even movies, the actors loose focus and simply recite the dialog that they have committed to memory, but when Poppy acts she is real.
  • Extremely talented!

    I first saw Poppy Mongtomery's acting skills in the movie "Murder in the Hamptons", and I was blown away. She is an amazing actress. She's gorgeous and very talented. I love her role on Without a Trace as Samantha Spade. Without a Trace is on of my favorite shows. Poppy Montgomery is a very talented actress for many reasons, one being that she can be very diverse when it comes to different roles. She can transform into whatever emotion, feeling, or character she has to play. That's what it takes to be a successful actress. I don't just enjoy watching Without a Trace, but I also enjoy watching movies Poppy's starred in.
  • She is one of my personal favourites!

    Poppy is a very good actress. I admire her for that how she could express the feelings and thoughts of her characters. Agent Samantha Spade is really a good one. She is hard to be acted, but Poppy did it very well. All of this feelings and allusions... Sam is beautiful, sexy, strong and tender at the same time and Poppy is just the right person for this role. She looks like she is really under the skin of agent Spade. Poppy is not like the actresses who are playing like saying "Look at me! They want me to be somebody else and I don't want it!". Her characters are real and natural!
  • Poppy is an amazing actress. She is definitely one of my favorites.

    I'm a big fan of Poppy's & have been since I started watching Without a Trace. I couldn't pick a better person to play the part of Samantha Spade. Not only is she good on Without a Trace but also the movies she's been in. She did an amazing job in Between & Murder in the Hamptons. She's extremely talented & beautiful. She has a great personality & it shows. She's funny & carefree. Poppy's a good role model & someone that I admire.
  • Hardcore

    Great actress in Without a Trace: she was a versatile actress, from serious, to problem solving... her role was exciting to follow!
  • Unforgetable

    What has happened to the show Unforgetable! I loved it!
  • Decent actress.

    Like her.