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    • Poppy: I hate 'down' time... I can't stand it. I go nuts after the first two days. I have so much fun at work, that's where I'm happiest.

    • Poppy: When you're pregnant your body changes - like it or not. I have these enormous breasts which I always thought I wanted but now I realise I don't. [Laughs]

    • Poppy: (asked if there are wedding plans on the cards) Not yet. I'm such a liberal and my parents are liberal. As long as we're together and the relationship is healthy, that's what matters. But a wedding? Maybe, so I could have a party in Hawaii or something! But other than that, it's not a priority right now.

    • Poppy: (asked if she has thought about baby names) We're having a little boy and you can't get too creative because it's cute when they're small, but when they get older it's just a little weird. So I want it to be a good boy's name, but I had no boys' names picked out and about 50,000 girls' names. At first, because there are so many women In my family, I was convinced it was going to be a girl. When I heard it was a boy, I was thrilled but a little shocked. I was like, 'Oh, there's no way - we only have girls in this family!

    • Poppy: (asked what her relationship with her family in Australia is like) I'm from such a huge, close family. We all had lunch at Doyles restaurant (in Sydney) when I arrived, and it was just my family - and there were, like, 26 of us! It makes you feel able to do anything when they're all behind you and you know you have someone to turn to. Anytime I pick up the phone and say, 'Mum, I need you,' she's on the plane. She's coming over when I give birth because I am not going through that alone! My boyfriend will be there but a guy can't understand that.

    • Poppy: (On her chemistry with Glory Days co-star, Eddie Cahill) Eddie and I have incredible chemistry. I don't know if it's a Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn kind of thing, but we definitely adore each other. What happens when we work together is amazing. We are like kids in a candy store. It is like going to Disneyland when we go to work. We really do have fun.

    • Poppy: When it comes to guys, make sure you are treated like a princess, always.

    • Poppy: We have halves and steps, and they have babies. We're like rabbits. My parents divorced each other and remarried other people and then had more kids, so my mom actually had five children.

    • Poppy: (on her birth name) To me, they sound like porn star names. I'm like, 'Good God, Poppy Petal?'

    • Poppy: I have a huge fear of rejection. If I asked someone out and he said no to me. I seriously don't know what I'd do with myself.

    • Poppy: When I told my mother I got the part of Marilyn Monroe, she didn't even bat an eyelash. She said, 'Well, you've been rehearsing for it your whole life.'