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Preston Sharp


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Preston Sharp's background as a furniture historian and designer is often on display in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. His own furniture was first displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in the early 1990s, and his knowledge is often drawn upon when the design team needs clarification on…more


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  • Preston has the biggest caring heart. He is the sweetest and most loving, sincere, genuine person ever! He is also so handsome, cute, and he's a blessing to every life he touches.I wish him all the happiness in the world. God Bless you Preston & thank U!moreless

    Preston Sharp is a blessing and gift to the world. He truely cares so much about others as he has the biggest heart of anyone. Preston is extremely talented in everything he does and he puts all his heart and hard work into his talents that he gives to help others. Preston is so sincere, genuine, sensitive, intelligent, humble, and such a loving, caring, wonderful, special person. Plus he is such a gentleman and sweetheart! And Preston's so adorable and gorgeous too with that sweet smile, cute curls, and beautiful eyes! :) Preston has always been my favorite on Extreme Makeover Home Edition ever since the show first started! Preston just brings so much love, hope, and happiness to people everywhere he goes, and he touches our hearts and he makes a positive difference in our lives. He's an inspiration and I really admire and respect him and his amazing talents. Preston has such great and creative ideas, and he has such beautiful and amazing designs, furniture, and artwork - wish we could see more of it. He should have his own website! I also wish we could see and hear Preston sing more too, he has such a beautiful voice and is so talented at singing, songwriting, and playing music too. Preston should have his own CD, it would bring such comfort and joy to many people! Plus Preston is so loving and great with kids, its so sweet how he loves children, and kids just love him too. More people should be like Preston, he's a wonderful role model. I wish I could get lucky enough to meet him someday, what a dream come true that would be. I love you Preston and thank you for all that you do! Hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is, and how much we all love and care about him the way he loves & cares for everyone else. Lots of love and hugs to you Preston! Your wished all the best and all the happiness in the world that you so deserve!moreless
  • Preston is a very talented man that is a benefit to this world.

    I think that Preston is a wonderful man. You can just tell by his care and love of what he\'s doing that he\'s into his job and having a great time. You can tell he\'s not just doing it for the sake of being on TV or furthering himself. He truly cares about what he\'s doing, which is great. It\'s great to see someone with so much passion for their job and for helping others.moreless