Prince Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem Hamed


2/12/1974, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Naseem Hamed



Also Known As

Naseem Hamed, Naz, Prince Naseem, Prince, Prince Nasseem Hamed
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Prince Naseem Hamed is a British boxer and former Featherweight champion.

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Naseem Hamed started to learn how to box when he was only seven years old, after his dad Sal Hamed sent him to "Brendan Ingle's Gym" to help him to look after himself because he was such a small child.

    • The only boxer to ever defeat Prince Naseem Hamed in a professional boxing match - is Marco Antonio Barrera. The fight took place at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV, USA. on April 7th 2001.
      After the full 12 rounds, Naseem lost by unanimous decision. During the fight, Barrera was deducted one point during the final round for intentionally slamming Prince Naseem Hamed's head into a turnbuckle.

    • Prince Naseem Hamed is friends with profesional lightweight boxer Amir Khan. Khan dedicated his successful fight against Ryan Barrett to Prince Naseem on September 2 2006. He said they often phone each other and are good mates.

    • On the 12th of May 2006 Prince Naseem Hamed was sentenced to 15 months in Doncaster prison, following a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court on counts of dangerous driving.

    • Prince Naseem was managed by British boxing coach and promoter Frank Warren but later on his brother Riath Hamed took over.

    • Prince Naseem is concidered by many to be one of the greatest featherweight champs to come out of britian.

    • Prince Nas' Stats.

      Height - 5ft 3in
      Fighting Weight - 122 - 126lbs
      Normal Weight - 128 - 132lbs
      Chest - 36"
      Reach - 63"
      Waist - 29"
      Thigh - 29"
      Fist - 10"

    • Nas' Amateur Fight Stats:

      Fights - 67
      Wins - 62
      KOs - 17
      Losses - 5.

      Nas' Professional Fight Stats:

      Wins - 36
      Draws - 0
      loses - 1
      Ko's - 30
      1st Round Wins - 3
      2nd Round Wins - 11
      3rd Round Wins - 4
      Total Professional Rounds Boxed - 185
      Average Rounds Per Fight - 5.

  • Quotes

    • Prince Naseem: To be honest, Amir Khan is a different weight to me and I think he is going to get bigger – but there is one thing that I have always stuck to and I always will do; I will never fight another Muslim. I might spar with him or teach him a few tricks but – even if there was a billion dollars on the line – I would never get in the ring with another Muslim. It is against my principles.

    • Prince Naseem (ringside at the Ricky Hatton-Carlos Maussa fight (11/26/05) at Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, England): I found out Marco [Marco Antonio Barrera] was gonna be here so I wanted to make sure that I got to speak to him and let him know "We gonna be gettin' it on next year or in a couple of years maybe, definite down the road.

    • Prince Naseem (when asked when he will be returning to the ring, back in Fall 05): A hundred percent.. I should be fighting Summer, next year. Watch out!