Priscilla Weems

Priscilla Weems


1/18/1972, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eugene, Oregon

Birth Name

Priscillia Lynn Weems



Also Known As

P- Nut--------P. P.
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    • Height:
      5' 4" (1.63 m)

      Terry Sexton (1 June 1992 - present) (separated)


      Trade mark:
      Priscilla's Pod People & Priscilla Lynn Originals


      Priscilla filmed "Five Mile Creek" in Australia in 1983 & 1984 at age 11. She had a starring role and was one of only 3 Americans in the series. Disney owned the series, but filmed outside the country and in other states to avoid paying residuals to the actors. Much of Priscilla's money was kept in Australia by Henry Crawford & Disney. She purchased a horse, Willow, in French's Forest, Australia, and flew him home. He was a 6 year Arab/Quarter Golden Palomino. Willow is still alive & well in West Hills, California on her parent's ranch. She also fought to bring home her 'budgie" (parakeet). At that time in 1984, no birds were allowed out of Australia. She called the Prime Minister when she knew she was leaving and asked for special permission to take him home. "Bunyip" was flown home a month after she left and spent 30 days in quarantine. He lived 14 years and is now stuffed under glass.

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  • i would like to see more of her.

    she was very good in five mile creek. she was fun and exiting as hanna scott. she acted well in sceens with jay kerr and louise caire clark. I was sad to see her leave in the last season. I was hoping that she would return after going to school.