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Puddle of Mudd is a post-grunge rock band from Kansas City, MO featuring Wes Scantlin on vocals and guitar, Doug Ardito on bass, and backup vocals, Christian Stone on lead guitar and Ryan Yerdon on drums.


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    • After the original Puddle of Mudd had broken up, singer Wes Scantlin decided to provide a copy of his demo tape to Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst to continue his music business. From there, Durst and Scantlin made a deal to which they formed Puddle of Mudd with new members.

    • The second album the band produced was back in 1997 called Abrasive. It was produced by Hardknock Records and consists of 11 tracks. Three of them eventually being a part of the band's first major label release. However, Jimmy Allen was not present to make this album since he had left the group.

    • Former members of Puddle of Mudd include Paul Phillips, Greg Upchurch, Jimmy Allen, Kenny Burkett, and Sean Samon.

    • Stuck was the band's first album created in 1994. The album included 7 tracks produced by the band and E.J. Rose and was recorded at the Red House Studio in Lawrence, Kansas. Though the album was a success in Kansas City, it never made it out of the area.

    • The band got their name after the Missouri River flood of 1993 when the band's practice space was flooded by mud to which inspired the band to be named "Puddle of Mudd."

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