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Quddus Philippe

Quddus Philippe


7/10/1980, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Benjamin Quddus Philippe


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    • Quddus: Even as gangster as he is, I think he would have to get a little silly around this crowd. It's that type of vibe. (On 50 Cent).

    • Quddus: I want to see 50 Cent come on the show and just break it down with some kids, just get loose.

    • Quddus: There are a lot of hosting gigs that entail a lot of gossip and that type of thing, but this is really just a good time (referring to Dance on Sunset). It's not at all mean-spirited like a lot of things out there that I've been offered. With this show, I feel like I'm just enjoying my second childhood.

    • Quddus: I get my groove on a little bit, but I just have fun with it (dancing on Dance on Sunset).

    • Quddus: The range of humanity I've experienced as a part of these [non-profit] events is greater than anything else my life has allowed me. I've also seen that work on this scale doesn't overshadow the significance of the simplest moments of compassion or Mahatma Gandhi when he said 'You must be the change you want to see in the world'. Although ego and the popularity of capitalism have a way of obscuring the way we ought to be, I hope you can discover what it's like to be selfless too.

    • Quddus: I really love my family and I can't bring them in my suitcase, so I might as well bring the next best thing (my photo album).

    • Quddus: I love having roommates because they keep you in check. They'll tell you, 'Your room looks like a landfill!'

    • Quddus: Folks come up and touch my hair, and I feel like a Chia Pet.

    • Quddus: I'm curious to see Miley Cyrus perform. She's such a phenomenon and I've never seen her live so I'd kind of like to see what all the hype is about.

    • Quddus: My mama gave it (my name) to me.

    • Quddus: My name represents me as a person. I'm a real peaceful guy.

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