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  • The Queen Lives

    Dana I just watched an episode where you promoted giving a house to a well needed family, You are so awesome. Have loved you since I first saw you on Girlfriends. You do so much good for people. Im sure God will reward you for your good will.. Have a great Holiday. Barb
  • Oh Happy Day

    Happy Birthday to a true Queen. Your show is so refreshing. I have enjoyed watching you over the years and I am very glad for your successful transition to day time TV. YOU ROCK! I wanted to send you something for your birthday, but I not sure you are going to get it, so I will investigate how I can accomplish that and send it, God Bless you always. You are a 10 in my book. V. White
  • Oscar Nomination.... I dont think so...!

    I cannot believe Queen Latifah has been nominated for an Oscar (Well Three 6 Mafia received one, so its kinda hard to take the Oscars seriously)...!! Miss Latifah is nothing but an under average actress, who should stay in bad comedies and crap shows like \\\"Living Single\\\"(Man, that was bad!!)...

    And to top it of; she is quite annoying... She is all about the street and she just annoys the hell out of me... I hope she will never get an Oscar nomination again (Together with Three 6 Mafia), and she should leave the Oscars to great persons like Morgan Freeman, Sally Field, Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, who actually can act...

    Just keep taking roles like the one in Taxi, because then Im sure we will never see you again at the Oscars...:)
  • empty

    Queen Latifah seems like she would be one of the coolest ladies to meet. Loved her on Living Single. Set it Off was such a good movie. She can sing, rap. Loved Beauty Shop too. Would love to meet her.
  • Seriously, her voice is so amazing. It's got that squeaky black american voice. That's what makes her so unique. She is also athletic for those who didn't know. I would probably faint if I met her lol.... Well congratualtions on the work. Keep it up.

    Man, she has been in so many Tv shows, Movie etc. She is like Whoopi Goldberg. Her voice is kool, and I was surprised she was able to jump all around and about on Hairspray, even though I HATE that movie and never want to see it again. She is really kool, and has met alot of famous people. I think the best movie she has been in was the last holiday. She was like mega rich in that film. Well other than that, I guess I have to say my farewells from here. So thanx for reading this review.
  • She is a singer songwriter and a actress and most currently rolled in hairspray

    Queen Latifah is so talented! Her voice is so amazing! It even sounds good rapping! She is also a very talkented actress too! She was so amazing in Hairspray! Her voice was amazing and she is happy in her own skin which s the best feeling to have! I mean she is very down to earth and is aware of everything. And she is proud of her skin and is happy to be who she is. and she looks great for her age. In hairspray that is really what blaxks had to go through adn i bet she was really like okaty my mother and father had to go thjrough this i dont kno w for a fact but still i would All in all great job!
  • Talented in So many ways

    There aren't enough words to describ this Multi talented person. She can rap, act and DAMN can she sing. Not too many rappers can have Lovely singing voices. Missy Elliott is the only other one that I can identify with (as far as singing). She is a great actress, musician, a positive Plus Size role model. She sould get back into tv acting. She probably can\'t make as big of a hit as Living single but she could probably come close. She also needs to drop another record. I want to now what happened to her talk show. Why was it cancelled? Did she just not want to do it anymore or did it get bad ratings?
  • I love Queen Latifah. She does a great job acting. My personal favorite movie with her in it is Set It Off. She did a good job acting in Living Single. That show is a big hit. She needs to make another show. I bet it will be another hit.

    I love Queen Latifah. She does a great job acting. My personal favorite movie with her in it is Set It Off. She did a good job acting in Living Single. That show is a big hit. She needs to make another show. I bet it will be another big hit.
  • I knew this woman was talented when I watched an episode of Fresh Prince, when she played Dee Dee, Will's friend. It is a rare occasion that rappers/singers can act and she actually stole that episode.

    I think she is really good. She knows how to get into all kinds of character, from the down-to-earth Khadijah from Living Single to the gangsta lesbian Cleo from Set It Off to the Oscar-nominated Mama Morton from Chicago. She is a rarity in Hollywood. Despite her body shape, she stills gets roles that some people wish they could get. She is one of a kind and I like her!!1
  • Queen is one of the best actresses I´ve ever seen.

    Queen Latifah is a beautiful person and a wonderful actress. She shows that she doesn´t have to be only 105 pounds to be a fantastic movie star. Her movies are funny, action packed with also some drama. Queen will go far in life only to be a legend and will pass on to her children.