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  • Quentin Crisp was the unconventional hero with a charisma which spawned a movie on his life and had celebrities and journalist, and well as many an normal person tracking him down to drink his words.

    Quentin was by any standard a master of words. Loaded with witty one liners interesting insights, and fascinating anecdotes. Not to mention a acid tongue that could often shock!

    An unapologetic open gay man, he spent a fair portion of his life facing down ignorance and intolerance. He has since become an icon within and out of gay culture, as in general terms a person anyone who has been bullied because of who they are, can look to for hope and comfort.

    His charm and intellegence not only led to an autobiographical movie, but endless requests to do one man shows as well as Sting writing the song "Engliishman in New York" which shows the level of admiration and respect so many had and still have for him today.