Quentin Richardson

Quentin Richardson


4/13/1980, Chicago, Illinois

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Quentin Richardson



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    • Quentin: It's tough, but not 28 points tough. That's defeat. I know we had a lot of turnovers, we have a lot of young players. Other than that, we just have to compete and listen to what coach says.

    • Quentin: I've lost before, but it's the way we're losing now that hurts.

    • Quentin: We've got to 'man up,' each individual. We've got to stop somebody and help each other. Jamal had a tough job against Speedy, and we did a poor job of helping out.

    • Quentin: He ain't gotta be flashy. That makes you appreciate him more. I think he's an old-fashioned throwback type. He just goes out there and gets it done.

    • Quentin: I just felt it was getting more stiff as time went on.

    • Quentin: He definitely felt like it was a little unfair situation. And he voiced his opinion.

    • Quentin: Getting elbowed and hit in the face... awesome.

    • Quentin: All that matters is winning.

    • Quentin: I'm a proud defensive player. I'm not going to let anybody go crazy on me. I've got more pride than that, just having someone go off for a million points.

    • Quentin: I know this is what he would want me to do. He wanted me to be successful. He wouldn't want me to sit at home.

    • Quentin: He's going to have to put on some weight.

    • Quentin: We're not saying we're going to win the Western Conference or anything like that. But we definitely feel like we can compete with anybody in the league.

    • Quentin: That's the way I play. I never remember my last shot.

    • Quentin: It was a low-scoring, ugly game. We both slowed the game down. It got ugly for a while.

    • Quentin: We put it on the board. The (stuff) stops here.

    • Quentin: You come to a new team, new system, it'll take a couple games, ... I'm not alarmed by anything. I'm just going to keep working hard and practicing hard and keep working at it. As a player, you get frustrated a little bit, but I know with time, everything will come into play, so I'm not that worried about it.

    • Quentin: It definitely is a shock, but I also understand it's a business decision. It's something that comes along with being a NBA player. I've gotta roll with it.

    • Quentin: I'm thrilled that I'm getting back to playing the way I play, downright dirty and nasty. When I get people down in the post, I'm going to abuse them and score.