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Quinn Wermeling

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  • OMG, this boy is so cute I'm falling in love :P . When I saw him the first time...

    OMG, this boy is so cute. When he first appeared on Episode 16 "Brother's Keeper" of PB it just came to my mind "oh this boy is gonna have a shinny future" ... I've looked on the internet for a biography about him but found nothing ..there are no pics or any information. I think this little guy will be a famous actor in the future. and I hope so because he deserve it. and btw, this is the first time I write a review p.s. sorry for my poor English.. I know it sucks but at least I tried :)moreless
  • lmao quinn

    hahahah quinn wermeling lmao i love this kid to death. hahahah he goes to my school and is quite the character. you should see him dress. hahahahaahahah i love him lol okay sorry bout this. he told me he was on prison break but i didnt beleive him hah this is sweeeeet. i wish i was just like him. haaha hes so cool. and doesnt care about what other people think, no joke hahha his clothes hahaa yaa hes so cool and funny and awesome and cooool. he should get back in this show... thatd be great.... i lvoe him... hes a good kid.... no joke.... theres no other kid to compare him too... hes that different... and awesome...moreless