Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn


10/10/1964, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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Quinton Joseph Flynn



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Working in the Los Angeles area, Quinton Flynn has performed voice acting for both anime and cartoons. His recent roles include Naruto's mentor Iruka, and the goofy mod soul lion mascot Kon in Bleach. He also voiced Timon in the Timon and Pumbaa TV series, and has had…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He's awsome

    Quinton Flynn,he's an awsome actor.I've seen most of his awsome work in voice acting liked in My Teenage Life As An Robot.Even in video games being the voice of Axel,in Kingdom Hearts 2.I hadn't seen him other roles.But I think the most awsome voice acting that he has ever done is Iruka-sensai! He does an pretty good job voice acting there.He also does the voice of Marcus.But I still think he is an awsome voice actor.He is one of my favorite voice actor,that I ever seen.I think he should run his own show,or I hope that he could continue on voicing in other animes.moreless
  • He has a good voice

    This guy as Iruka on Naruto sounds like every bit a teacher should be. I like listening to Iruka yelling at Naruto and explaining stuff to him. He also is in one of my other favorite shows-Zatch Bell. At least i have no idea what part he plays. I know i gave him a low rating but i dont rarely give tens anymore. He has that low rating because i\'ve only heard his voice in Zatch Bell and Naruto. All i know is that he plays Iruka and Iruka\'s voice is actually okay. All in all i like this guy and you dont have to worry about my rating.moreless