R.J. Stewart

R.J. Stewart


Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Richard Joel Stewart



Also Known As

RJ Stewart
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    • RJ: (on writing for the show "Xena") Rob Tapert created the series idea and wrote the story for the first episode. I was hired to write the pilot, make Xena a good girl, and create the character of Gabrielle.

    • R.J.: I didn't know whether I wanted to be known for Xena: Warrior Princess. Then I started thinking, 'What have you always wanted to do? You've always wanted to tell grand tales. You love adventure. You wanted your shot at being the head writer on a show, this is your shot'. By the time I got around to saying yes, I think my agent was a little surprised.

    • R.J.: (on his enjoyment of "Xena") My favorite part of the show is the relationships, but when I talk to people out there they say they love the mythological aspects of the show. I enjoy using the mythology, too. And, to tell you the truth, after five seasons on the air, we even now sometimes create our own mythos. That`s also very fun.

    • R.J.: It's interesting my two favorite American writers are women- Emily Dickinson and Flannery O'Connor. There are not many writers who have 'sliced my soul', as Dostoyevsky would say, but these two have.

    • R.J.: (on writing female characters) Novel writing, I think, is more of an internal thing. A man writing a woman or vice versa maybe has to go a farther distance to get there. I think with the screen it is behavioral. I can observe female behavior. Therefore, I can love it and cherish it and try to reflect it in my writing.

    • R.J.: (during the filming of the episode "Callisto") Lucy had cried during the scene and as she was walking off the set she stopped and said to me, 'Thank you for giving us material like that.' That was a highpoint for me.

    • R.J.: (on writing for "Xena") I believe action has to help tell the story. I don't write the visuals of the action. But I do try to make the action move the story along and I expect the director to respect that the fight has to do that as well as be a cool action scene.

    • R.J.: (referring to Rob Tapert and "Xena") I have an enormous amount of gratitude toward Rob for three reasons. Number one, he created this entire world that I'm having so much fun in. The Xena/Hercules world came out of Rob Tapert's brain. Number two, he runs the most impressive show I've ever seen. That we continue to make such great shows not only here but on Hercules is a tribute to him. And three, he's a constant source of new ideas and different directions. It's a joy and you don't run into that often.

    • R.J.: (when hiring a new writer for "Xena") You got in the offices because you knew to spell Xena with an "X".

    • R.J.: (on writing for the tv character Xena) Now, you can say there's never any risk because everybody knows you are going to do 22 episodes a season and Xena's got to come back. But with Xena, there's a lot of emotional risk we can play with.

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