R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine


10/8/1943, Columbus, Ohio

Birth Name

Robert Lawrence Stine



Also Known As

Eric Affabee, Zachary Blue, Bobby Lawerence Stine, Jovial Bob Stine
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R.L. Stine, born Robert Lawrence Stine, is a well-known children's author. R.L. specializes in children's horror books including the Goosebumps series. R.L. also has been noted for his work in comedy books as well. R.L. continues to write today living in New York with his wife and dog (2007).more


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    • R.L.: I thought writing 87 Goosebumps books was enough for a human-but everywhere I go the kids keep begging me to write more, I'm so pleased to be able to do what I've always done: listen to my audience!

    • R.L.: My job is to make kids laugh and give them the CREEPS!

    • R.L. (advice for inspiring young writers): Yes, write every day. Just a paragraph or two. Keep a journal or a diary. That way you'll always be writing.

    • R.L. (on ghosts): I've never seen a ghost--but I keep LOOKING!

    • R.L. (on where he gets his story ideas) Ideas come from everywhere. But most of my ideas start with a title. I try to dream up a really good book title first. Once I have a title, it leads me to a story. By the way, I've never gotten a story idea from a dream. I have the most boring dreams!

    • R.L. (on his ideal writing environment): I have a room in my apartment where I write. But I can really write anywhere I am-- I'm a machine!

  • R.L. Stine is best known for his popular and scary Goosebumps book series which was also made into a television show. He is one of the greatest writers.

    I have seen R.L. Stine on the Goosebumps TV show, and I have read several of his popular books from the series of the same name. I would have to say that his writing has a pretty good way for scaring some people and keeping them guessing.

    I have also read his autobiography and found out some interesting things about him and his books like how he came up with the Monster Blood books. Besides his writing all those Goosebumps books, he also did another book series I don't think I have ever read called Fear Street. Another TV show he did writing for is an old preschool series on Nickelodeon called Eureka's Castle. I remember taping that TV show when I was 8 years old.

    All in all, RLS is an incredible writer.moreless