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    • R.L.: I thought writing 87 Goosebumps books was enough for a human-but everywhere I go the kids keep begging me to write more, I'm so pleased to be able to do what I've always done: listen to my audience!

    • R.L.: My job is to make kids laugh and give them the CREEPS!

    • R.L. (advice for inspiring young writers): Yes, write every day. Just a paragraph or two. Keep a journal or a diary. That way you'll always be writing.

    • R.L. (on ghosts): I've never seen a ghost--but I keep LOOKING!

    • R.L. (on where he gets his story ideas) Ideas come from everywhere. But most of my ideas start with a title. I try to dream up a really good book title first. Once I have a title, it leads me to a story. By the way, I've never gotten a story idea from a dream. I have the most boring dreams!

    • R.L. (on his ideal writing environment): I have a room in my apartment where I write. But I can really write anywhere I am-- I'm a machine!