Rachael Carpani

Rachael Carpani


8/24/1980, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Rachael Ann Carpani



Also Known As

Rachel Carpani
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Rachael studied acting at the Australian College of Entertainment at Macquarie University and at the Drama Works Drama Company. She is most famous for her role as Jodi on the Australian drama McLeods Daughters and has also had many guest roles on Australian television, in shows such as…more


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    • Rachael: (recalling the filming of a scene in "McLeod's Daughters" where she was showing a 400kg bull) We were shooting it and there were extras everywhere, and the bull stepped on my foot and stopped walking. It was the most painful thing ever. It went straight through my boot. The bull just stood there and looked at me. I lost my voice I was in so much pain. It was awful. I think I broke my little toe. But I've been told It was funny watching it happen!

    • Rachael: (her fondest Christmas memory) The picture of me sitting on Santa's knee. My mum had taken me to the shopping centre really early, just so I could be the first child to sit on Santa's knee.

    • Rachael: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) My very first bike. I loved it so much; I sat on it all day. I even ate my Christmas lunch sitting on it!

    • (Rachael asked which super-power she would have)
      Rachael: Invisibility- I love knowing what's going on- absolutely everywhere-I could eavesdrop on everything!

    • Rachael Carpani: If I was stuck in a house for Big Brother and i could pick who i would go in with it would have to be Roy & HG, Rove McManus and Shaun Micallef.

  • come and act in the usa

    Loved you as Jody come and act in Hollywood you need to be on an Ncis

  • Rachael is one of my favourite actresses ever and I would watch something just because she was in it. She is the most talented actress that they have had on McLeods daughters to date and I believe that she will do even more great things.moreless

    Rachael is so good that when something comes on and she is in it you just know that it will be good. She is an inspiration to aspiring Aussie actresses because she shows that you can be a country tom-boy from Australia and still make it onto American television screens, which, face it, is the top. She is good enough for America and that is not an easy feat for a non-american so I am so proud to call her an Aussie. I hope she wins a lot of awards and I hope she stays happy and doesn't get consumed by Hollywood. I hope she is brave enough to stand up to the pressures and the papparatsy and she has a great life.moreless